Information For Employees Seeking Transfer

The Civil Service Law and Rules provide the conditions under which permanent employees in the competitive class may transfer to a different title, agency or geographic location. Employees must take the initiative by contacting agencies directly or by looking for vacancies.

State agencies have broad discretion in choosing to fill a particular job by transfer. To convince agencies to consider them, employees should provide a current resume describing their work experience, educational background and the specific transfer to be used.

What Are Transfers?

A transfer is the movement of a permanent competitive class employee from a position in one title to a position in a different title, or from a position in one agency to a position in another agency. Both positions must be within the competitive class. Transfers occur with the consent of the employee after nomination by the appointing agency and the approval of the Department of Civil Service. Approval by the agency from which the employee is transferring is not required in order for the transfer to occur.

What Are The Requirements For Transfer?

Generally employees must have had at least one year of permanent service in their current title or at their current salary grade, and the transfer can be to the same or any lower salary grade, but cannot be to a title more than two salary grades (or one M grade) higher than their current title. Employees who are currently serving probation are eligible to transfer. Transfers may not be approved if mandatory reemployment lists exist for the title to which transfer is sought.

The Civil Service Law defines three different kinds of transfers:

What Are The Effects Of Transfer On Employee Status?

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