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Pharmacy Benefit Services for The Empire Plan, Excelsior Plan,
Student Employee Health Plan and New York State Insurance Fund Workers'
Compensation Prescription Drug Programs

The Procuring Agencies have amended the language in certain sections of the Request For Proposal and Exhibits. Offerors should thoroughly examine each section of the Amended Request for Proposal and Exhibits to locate all changes. The yellow background with the date of the amendment identify the specific sections of the Request for Proposal and Exhibits that have been revised. Deleted language appears in strikethrough [--] and added language appears in underline [__].

February 22, 2012
May 8, 2012

Important Notice
The Request For Proposal has been amended
(as of 4/27/12)

use this link to access the Amendment Master List


IMPORTANT NOTICE: A Restricted Period under the Procurement Lobbying Law is currently in effect for this Procurement and it will remain in effect until State Comptroller approval of the resultant contract. During the Restricted Period for this Procurement ALL communications must be directed, in writing, solely to the Procurement Manager as listed below and shall be in compliance with the Procurement Lobbying Law and the NYS Department of Civil Service “Rules Governing Conduct of Competitive Procurement Process” (refer to RFP, Section II: Procurement Protocol and Process).

Department of Civil Service Contact for
Inquiries and Submissions for this Solicitation:

Prescription Benefit Services Procurement Manager
Employee Benefits Division, Room 641
New York State Department of Civil Service
Alfred E. Smith Office Building
Albany, New York 12239
(518) 402-2070


New York State Department of Civil Service


Robert W. DuBois, CEBS
Employee Benefits Division