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Department of Civil Service Announces
Examination Open to All Qualified Individuals

Written Test To Be Held

FEBRUARY 7, 2004

Applications MUST Be
No Later Than
DECEMBER 22, 2003

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Examination Number and Title



 Non-Refundable Processing Fee




ASSISTANT (Spanish Language)

Appointees will receive additional money for pre-shift briefings, a $550 uniform allowance and a $575 annual security enforcement differential. You may also be eligible for $500 annual inconvenience pay. Appointees in the New York City area (Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Queens, Richmond [Staten Island], Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester Counties) will receive an additional $1,200 annual location pay differential/downstate adjustment.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: On or before February 7, 2004, you must meet ONE of the following requirements:

one year of direct patient care experience providing treatment to individuals diagnosed with mental illness or with emotional or social behavior problems in institutions where emphasis is on the security of patients or residents;
Or II.
two years of direct patient care experience where the primary duties included treatment for emotional or social behavior problems;
one year of direct patient care experience where the primary duties included treatment for emotional or social behavior problems and either an associate's degree or 60 college credits;
Or IV.

a bachelor's degree*.

* If you expect to obtain your bachelor's degree by June 30, 2004, you can be admitted to the test but you cannot be considered for appointment until you submit proof of successful completion of the educational requirement to the New York State Department of Civil Service.

THE POSITIONS: These positions are located ONLY in the forensic psychiatric centers operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health:

Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center
New Hampton, New York
Central New York Forensic Psychiatric Center
Marcy, New York

Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center
Wards Island, New York

Rochester Psychiatric Center
Rochester, New York

The nature of this position requires shift, weekend and overtime assignments.

DUTIES: As a Security Hospital Treatment Assistant in a secure forensic unit or hospital, you would provide assistance with psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation, and basic nursing care. You will also be responsible for the safety and security of individuals diagnosed with mental illness who are considered to be dangerous to themselves and/or others. You would model acceptable behaviors and verbal skills, teach replacement behaviors and implement treatment goals through positive therapeutic interactions with patients. You would lead or co-lead therapeutic activity groups; escort patients off grounds to appointments; provide 1:1 patient supervision; complete reports and documentation; constantly monitor patients; and provide for a safe and therapeutic environment. You will use verbal techniques to de-escalate situations and will use approved physical intervention techniques as a last resort to ensure the safety of patients and others. You would also assist in the application of restraint or seclusion. You would assist with personal hygiene and basic nursing duties such as monitoring of vital signs, use of First Aid and CPR.

SUBJECT OF EXAMINATION: There will be a written test which you must pass in order to be considered for appointment. The written test is designed to test for knowledge, skills and/or abilities in such areas as:

  1. Characteristics of patient population – These questions test for basic understanding of abnormal behaviors exhibited by individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. Questions may cover such topics as schizophrenia, mood disorders, personality disorders, mental retardation, and substance abuse.
  2. Treatment of patient population – These questions test for the ability to function as part of a treatment team. Questions may cover such topics as setting long or short term goals for treatment, contributing to the treatment planning process, implementing treatment plans, assisting with anger management, managing crisis situations, and engaging individuals in activities as prescribed by treatment plans.
  3. First aid and basic patient care – These questions test for knowledge of first aid and basic patient care. Questions may cover such topics as blood pressure, body temperatures, respiration, and major seizure disorders; emergency first aid procedures for shock, choking, bleeding, heart attacks, and burns; use of restraints; and commonly used psychotropic medications and their effects.
  4. Preparing written material – These questions test for the ability to present information clearly and accurately and to organize paragraphs logically and comprehensibly. For some questions, you will be given information in two or three sentences followed by four restatements of the information. You must then choose the best version. For other questions, you will be given paragraphs with their sentences out of order and then asked to choose from four suggestions the best order for the sentences.

Your final score must be 70 or higher in order to pass. Rank on the eligible list will be determined after adding any wartime veterans and Civil Service Law Section 85-a credits to your final passing score.


  1. Your degree and/or college credit must have been awarded by a regionally accredited college or university or one recognized by the NYS Education Department as following acceptable educational practices. If your degree and/or college credit was awarded by an educational institution outside the United States and its territories, you must provide independent verification of equivalency. You can write to the Examination Information Desk of the Department of Civil Service for a list of acceptable companies who provide this service. This information can also be found on the Internet at You must pay the required evaluation fee.
  2. Appropriate part-time and volunteer experience, which can be verified, will be accepted on a prorated basis.
  3. New York State residence is not required.
  4. A transition examination is also being held for these positions.
  5. Although transition examinations are being held, it is expected that appointments will be made as the result of these examinations open to the public. The NYS Office of Mental Health has the option of making appointments from either the list resulting from this examination open to the public or the list resulting from the transition examination. If you meet the requirements for both examinations you may wish to file for both. The processing fee must be paid for this examination unless you are eligible for a fee wavier.
  6. If you pass the examination for No. 24-314 Security Hospital Treatment Assistant (Spanish Language) you will be required to demonstrate your Spanish language proficiency at a level that will assure your ability to perform properly the duties of the position. Only enough candidates to fill current vacancies will be called to the proficiency test.
  7. If you are qualified for No. 24-314 Security Hospital Treatment Assistant (Spanish Language); you should file for both examinations; as there is only one application processing fee.
  8. Physical/Medical Requirements: The physical and medical standards for this title are currently under review. As a result of that review your physical and/or medical condition may be evaluated prior to your appointment to ensure that you are able to satisfactorily perform the duties of this position with or without reasonable accommodation. The physical/medical standards may include a physical fitness test; a medical standards evaluation; and a substance abuse screening. A medical examination may be required prior to appointment, and you would be responsible for the clinical laboratory test fee.
  9. Fingerprints and Fees: Fingerprinting is sometimes required at the time of appointment. If so, you may be required to pay the processing fee.


archived statement
This is an Archived Announcement.
The application filing date has passed.

HOW TO APPLY: Use FORM OC-APP, APPLICATION FOR NYS EXAMINATIONS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Forms are available (by mail or in person) at these offices of the New York State Department of Civil Service: Building 1, State Campus, Albany, NY 12239; the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building, 163 West 125th Street, New York, NY 10027; and the Edward A. Rath Building, 95 Franklin Street, Room 625, Buffalo, NY 14202, or by E mailing us at: You may also obtain application forms by visiting the Civil Service Career Information Center, Suite 108, North Concourse, Empire State Plaza, Albany. This office cannot handle mail requests. State employees may obtain examination applications at their agency or facility personnel or business office.
ADMISSION TO EXAMINATION: Notice to appear for the test may be conditional as review of applications may not be made until after the test. If you have not received your notice to appear for the written test three days before the date of the test, call (518) 457 5483 if taking the test in Albany; (518) 457-6556 for New York City Test Center; (518) 457 7022 for all other Test Centers.
NEW YORK STATE IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: It is the policy of the State of New York to provide for and promote equal opportunity in employment, compensation and other terms and conditions of employment without discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, religion, disability, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or arrest and/or criminal conviction record unless based upon a bona fide occupational qualification or other exception.
RELIGIOUS ACCOMMODATION: Most written tests are held on Saturdays. If you cannot take the test on the announced test date, due to a conflict with a religious observance or practice, check the box under "Religious Accommodation." We will make arrangements for you to take the test on a different date (usually the following day).
REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS IN TESTING: In addition, it is the policy of the Department of Civil Service, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, to provide qualified persons with disabilities equal employment opportunity and equal opportunity to participate in and receive the benefits, services, programs, and activities of the Department. It is the policy of the Department to provide such persons reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications as are necessary to enjoy equal opportunity. Persons with disabilities who require an accommodation to participate in an examination must note this on their applications. Further information is available from the Special Arrangements Unit of the Department of Civil Service at (518) 457-3416 or TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf) (518) 457-8480.
MULTIPLE EXAMINATIONS SCHEDULED FOR THE SAME DAY: With the exception of written tests announced by New York City, if you have applied to take a written test announced by a local jurisdiction (county, town, city) scheduled to be held on the same test date as this written test, you must call (518) 457-7022 no later than two weeks before the test date to make arrangements for taking all tests at one test site. All tests will be held at the State examination center.
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Issued: 11/7/03
archived statement
This is an Archived Announcement.
The application filing date has passed.

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