New York State Department of Civil Service Announces Examinations Open to All Qualified Individuals

Senior Laboratory Worker

Written Test To Be Held
June 14, 2008
Applications Must Be Submitted or Postmarked By
May 05, 2008


Exams Included on This Announcement
Exam Number Exam Title Open to Employees of Salary Salary Grade
35-371 Senior Laboratory Worker Multiple Agencies $28,872 G-8

For Promotion in State Departments, Facilities, and Agencies

  1. Within Promotion Units
  2. Within Entire Departments
  3. To Other Departments

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Minimum Qualifications

On or before June 14, 2008, you must be a qualified employee of New York State and have had one year of permanent service as a Laboratory Worker, Laboratory Animal Caretaker, Laboratory Aide, or Laboratory Helper.

If you were permanently appointed to a qualifying title on or before July 14, 2007, and have served continuously in this title since that date, you are eligible to file for this examination.

Additional Requirement

Depending on assignment, the selected candidate may, at the time of appointment and continuously thereafter, be required to be:


  1. Certified or eligible for certification as a Clinical Laboratory Technician as defined in Title 8, Article 165 of the New York State Education Law and Section 52.38 and Subpart 79-15 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education; OR
  2. Licensed or eligible for licensure as a Clinical Laboratory Technologist as defined in Title 8, Article 165 of the New York State Education Law and Section 52.36 and Subpart 79-13 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education; OR
  3. Licensed or eligible for licensure as a Cytotechnologist as defined in Title 8, Article 165 of the New York State Education Law and Section 52.37 and Subpart 79-14 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.


If you pass the written test and are considered for appointment, you must meet all applicable state and local requirements for qualification. Loss of the required licensure or certification may result in loss of employment. For more information on certification or licensure requirements, visit the website for the State Education Department Office of the Professions(External Link).

Qualifying Experience for Appointment from the Eligible List

After one year of the service described in the Minimum Qualifications, successful candidates will be qualified for appointment from the eligible list.


  1. In accordance with Section 52.11 of the Civil Service Law, individuals serving permanently in the non competitive or labor class in a qualifying title (including those serving under Section 55b/c) who otherwise meet the requirements for taking this examination are eligible to compete in this promotion examination.
  2. This examination is being held on a promotion and open-competitive basis. If you are admitted to the promotion examination under anticipated eligibility (i.e., you do not have the required one year of Qualifying Experience For Appointment From The Eligible List) and if you meet the open-competitive minimum qualifications, you may also be admitted to the open-competitive examination. To be admitted, you must apply for the open-competitive examination according to the instructions given on the open-competitive announcement. Once you meet the required one year of qualifying service for appointment from the promotion list, you will not be eligible for appointment from the open-competitive eligible list.

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Subject of Examination

There will be a written test which you must pass in order to be considered for appointment. The written test is designed to test for knowledge, skills, and/or abilities in such areas as:

  1. Basic laboratory equipment and glassware - These questions test for knowledge of common laboratory glassware and equipment and their uses.
  2. Record keeping - These questions test for accuracy and attention to detail in keeping laboratory test records. The candidate will be asked to transfer information from laboratory test request forms onto a test log form, and then to locate and interpret required information from the test log form. No knowledge of any particular record-keeping system is required.
  3. General laboratory principles and practices - These questions test for knowledge of such areas as care and handling of toxic/dangerous materials; simple first aid and safety procedures; the metric system; simple laboratory calculations; care and use of laboratory glassware and equipment and common laboratory procedures.
  4. Supervision - These questions test for knowledge of the principles and practices employed in planning, organizing, and controlling the activities of a work unit toward predetermined objectives. The concepts covered, usually in a situational question format, include such topics as assigning and reviewing work; evaluating performance; maintaining work standards; motivating and developing subordinates; implementing procedural change; increasing efficiency; and dealing with problems of absenteeism, morale, and discipline.

If you pass, your seniority credit(s), if any, will be included in the computation of your final score. Rank on the eligible list will be determined after adding any wartime veterans' credits to your final passing score.

Credit for Seniority

Seniority is credited at the rate of one credit for each five-year period (or fraction thereof), excluding the first year of service.

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As a Senior Laboratory Worker, you would supervise Laboratory Workers performing large scale routine laboratory procedures. Depending upon the type of lab in which you work, supervision may include the preparation and sterilization of equipment and media. You would assist scientists in routine procedures; assist in the shipment of diagnostic outfits and biological products; and may supervise others in handling and/or directly handle hazardous materials and waste. In addition, you would be in charge of a large and varied stock of lab supplies; receive, maintain, and distribute lab materials and equipment; and be responsible for keeping careful and accurate records.

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How To Apply

This announcement is for viewing purposes only.

Additional Information

New York State is an Equal Opportunity Employer

It is the policy of the State of New York to provide for and promote equal opportunity in employment, compensation and other terms and conditions of employment without discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, religion, disability, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, or arrest and/or criminal conviction record unless based upon a bona fide occupational qualification or other exception.

Religious Accommodation

Most written tests are held on Saturdays. If you cannot take the test on the announced test date, due to a conflict with a religious observance or practice, check the box under “Religious Accommodation.” We will make arrangements for you to take the test on a different date (usually the following day).

Reasonable Accommodations in Testing

In addition, it is the policy of the Department of Civil Service, in accordance with the New York State Human Rights Law and the Americans with Disabilities Act, to provide qualified persons with disabilities equal employment opportunity and equal opportunity to participate in and receive the benefits, services, programs, and activities of the Department. It is the policy of the Department to provide such persons reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications as are necessary to enjoy equal opportunity. Persons with disabilities who require an accommodation to participate in an examination must note this on their applications. Further information is available from the Special Arrangements Unit of the Department of Civil Service at 518-457-2487 [press 2, then press 2] in the Albany area, toll free at 1-877-697-5627 [press 2, then press 2], or via TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf) at 518-457-8480.

Admission to Examination

Notice to appear for the test may be conditional as review of applications may not be made until after the test. If you have not received your notice to appear for the written test three days before the date of the test, call 518-474-6470 in the Albany area or toll free at 1-877-697-5627 [press 2, then press 1].

Multiple Examinations Scheduled for the Same Day

With the exception of written tests announced by New York City, if you have applied to take a written test announced by a local jurisdiction (county, town, city) scheduled to be held on the same test date as this written test, you must call 518-474-6470 in the Albany area or toll free at 1-877-697-5627 [press 2, then press 1], no later than two weeks before the test date, to make arrangements for taking all tests at one test site. All tests will be held at the state examination center.

Eligibility for Examination

To be eligible to compete in this examination, you must be employed in the specified department or agency on a permanent or contingent permanent basis in the competitive class, or in the non-competitive class or labor class if specifically noted on this announcement (or be on an appropriate preferred list), and have the specified time in the specified title or salary grade. You may not compete in a test for a title if you are permanently employed in that title (unless you are still on probation) or in a higher direct line of promotion.

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Issued: 3/28/08

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