Memoranda for 2009

Transmittal Memorandum No. 33 pdf
Attendance and Leave Manual Update - Appendix G
Advisory Memorandum No. 2009-04 pdf(pdf81KB)
Memoranda of Understanding on Extension of Special Military Benefits and Post-Discharge Benefits through December 31, 2010
Policy Bulletin No. 2009-02 pdf(pdf67KB)
Implementation of Productivity Enhancement Program for 2010
Transmittal Memorandum No. 32 pdf(pdf21KB)
Attendance and Leave Manual Update - Section 24.1 and Appendix G
Advisory Memorandum No. 2009-03 pdf(pdf23KB)
Impact of Layoff on Leave Accruals
Transmittal Memorandum No. 31 pdf(pdf94KB)
2010 Calendar of Legal Holidays and Days of Religious Significance
Advisory Memorandum No. 2009-02 pdf(pdf19KB)
Designation of Floating Holidays in Lieu of Election Day and Lincoln's Birthday for Contract Year 2009-2010
Advisory Memorandum No. 2009-01 pdf(pdf18KB)
Independence Day - July 4, 2009
Policy Bulletin No. 2009-01 pdf(pdf84KB)
Revised FMLA Regulations