Section 20.1
February 15, 2001

TO: State Departments and Agencies in the Albany Area
FROM: Nicholas J. Vagianelis, Director of Operations and Administration
SUBJECT: Processing Alternative Work Schedules Developed in Conjunction with the Northway Bridge Construction

A construction project for replacement of the Northway bridges over Sand Creek and Pollack Roads is expected to begin on March 1, 2001. This will have a major impact on commuters during the six-month construction project. As part of efforts to alleviate problems during this period, the use of alternative work schedules, particularly compressed workweeks, is encouraged. Given the location of the construction project alternative work schedules will be offered to employees residing in and commuting from Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties. Normally, alternative work schedule proposals under Executive Order No. 68 are prepared in narrative form in accordance with guidelines found in Section 20.1 of the Attendance and Leave Manual.

However, in anticipation of increased requests for alternative work schedules from agencies whose employees will be impacted by commuting problems, the Department of Civil Service and the Governor's Office of Employee Relations are working to streamline the review process.

As part of that effort, attached is an alternative work schedule reporting form which requires the submission of only that information deemed most critical. It is intended to be used only in conjunction with requests for alternative work schedules developed to address transportation problems caused by construction on the Northway Bridge project. A separate form should be completed for each type of alternative work schedule and copies should be submitted to Civil Service and the Governor's Office of Employee Relations for review and approval.

Agencies continue to be required to consult with appropriate employee organization representatives prior to implementation of an alternative work schedule. Although reporting on the following elements is not required, agencies should still carefully review program impact, cost implications, including overtime, and timekeeping procedures. Arrangements should also be made for adequate supervision and coverage.

In accordance with Executive Order No. 68 guidelines, agencies do not need to submit work schedules that apply to one person only.

Please reproduce the attached form as needed.

Contact the Attendance and Leave Unit at (518) 457-2295 for questions about completing the attached form or for further information about alternative work schedules.


Policy Guidelines for Alternative Work Schedules Developed in Conjunction with the Replacement of the Northway Bridges

Most alternative work schedules fall into one of the following categories:

1. Staggered hours - a schedule where groups of employees begin and end the work day at different, set intervals;
2. Compressed workweek - a schedule in which a full week is worked in less than five days;
3. Compressed pay period - a schedule in which a full pay period is worked in less than 10 days.

Agencies are free to choose one of these schedules for employees who will be participating in alternative work schedules in conjunction with the replacement of the Northway bridges. In choosing one of these options we wish to remind agencies of the need to:

Agencies interested in developing other types of alternative work schedules or who have additional questions should call the Attendance and Leave Unit at (518) 457-2295.



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