June 2008

TO: Manual Holders
FROM: Terry Jordan, Director of Staffing Services
SUBJECT: The Launch of the Online Attendance and Leave Manual

We are pleased to announce the launch of the online version of the New York State Attendance and Leave Manual.

The intent behind the online version of the Manual is to enhance users' access to the information in the original hardcopy manual and to help us more quickly disseminate amendments and revisions to the Manual as necessitated by changes in law, rule, regulation, labor agreement, or court decisions.

We provide the online Manual in searchable .PDF and .HTM versions. The .PDF version allows you to print particular sections, updates, or even the entire manual as necessary. The .HTM version is particularly useful for quick reference.

The sections of the online Manual correspond to the sequence of the rules; e.g., Section 21.2 of the Rules provides vacation benefits; Section 21.2 of this Manual contains the interpretive material on vacation. Within each section are "rule pages" to interpret the Attendance Rules and "contract pages" (as needed) to interpret any related provisions of the negotiated agreements.

Following the main body of the Manual are a number of appendices, several of which aggregate information on benefits available under specific circumstances; e.g., Appendix D discusses attendance and leave benefits for part-time employees.

From today forward we will no longer print and distribute updates to the Manual—Transmittal Memoranda, Policy Bulletins, General Information Bulletins, and Advisory Memoranda. Rather we will update the online Manual and notify you by email of any updates [see below]. Updates will be available in .PDF format for downloading and printing locally if you wish to maintain printed copies of your Manuals.

With this Bulletin, we also are pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated email list to notify Attendance and Leave Manual subscribers of Manual updates. To subscribe to this list, go to:

scroll down the page to EMAIL LIST and follow the instructions for subscribing.

The email list is not "two-way." Replies to list emails will not be reviewed or answered. Instructions for unsubscribing from the email list are readily available on our webpage at the above address.

Comments or questions about the Online Attendance and Leave Manual should be addressed to:

NYS Department of Civil Service
Attendance and Leave Unit
Alfred E. Smith State Office Building
Albany, NY 12239
Phone (518) 457-2295
Fax (518) 473-6369