Section 26.3
December 2007

TO: All State Agencies
FROM: Terry Jordan, Director of Staffing Services
SUBJECT: Implementation of Productivity Enhancement Program for 2008 for Managerial/Confidential, CSEA Represented and DC-37 Represented Employees

This memo transmits the program description and enrollment form for the Productivity Enhancement Program for 2008 for Managerial/Confidential, CSEA represented, and DC-37 represented employees for 2008. The enrollment period is scheduled to run from Wednesday January 9, 2008 through Monday, February 11, 2008. These materials are being provided to you for informational purposes at this time and should not be distributed to employees until the start of the enrollment period on Wednesday, January 9, 2008.

The availability of the program to CSEA and DC-37 represented employees is contingent upon ratification of the 2007-2011 Agreement between the State and CSEA and between the State and DC-37. These ratifications are expected in early January. If the Agreement between the State and the union representing the bargaining unit (CSEA or DC-37) is not ratified, the Productivity Enhancement Program will not be available to employees of that unit. The program will be available to Managerial/Confidential employees, regardless of whether either Agreement is ratified.

Implementation of the program will require action on the part of agency personnel officers, agency timekeepers, and agency health benefits administrators. Specifically, agency personnel officers will be responsible for (1) announcing the program and providing interested employees with program descriptions and enrollment forms; (2) verifying employee eligibility to participate; and (3) notifying timekeepers and health benefits administrators of participant enrollments and separations from service. Agency timekeepers will be responsible for adjusting the vacation and/or personal leave balances of participants upon enrollment. Questions regarding employee eligibility and leave transactions should be directed to the Attendance & Leave Unit of the Department of Civil Service at (518) 457-2295.

Agency health benefits administrators (HBAs) are responsible for processing the Health Insurance Premium Contribution Credit (HIPCC) for PEP enrollees. The Employee Benefits Division will be issuing memo NY07-55 with specific instructions for HBAs. Questions regarding health insurance transactions should be directed to your agency's processor in the Employee Benefits Division Operations Unit.

Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) Description

Productivity Enhancement Program (PEP) Enrollment Form