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Resource for agency Health Benefit Administrators (HBAs)

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HBA OnLine is replacing the former ebd_online Benefits Resource Center web site for New York State and participating Local Government Human Resource Professionals. HBA Online is a secure web site that provides online employee benefits information and publications. Access requires a User ID and a Password.

Former ebd_online Benefits Resource Center Users

If you have been an ebd_online web site user in the past, please continue to use your NYBEAS User ID and the Password that was assigned to you for ebd_online.

New User Information:

If you did not have access to the former ebd_online Benefits Resource Center web site, and if in your job, you work directly with health benefits as a

and, if your Agency authorizes your access, you may request access to HBA Online from the Department of Civil Service.

It's easy to sign on to HBA OnLine - on the sign on page:

USER ID: Enter your new HBA OnLine User ID or your former your ebd_online User ID (use lower case letters)

PASSWORD: Enter assigned HBA OnLine Password (use lower case letters)

ENTER: Click on this button. You will be prompted to immediately change your Password after logging on successfully.

The sign-on procedure is required once every 24 hours. Once you have entered your User ID and Password, you will be allowed to access HBA OnLine directly without further authorization for 24 hours, providing your User ID remains in the database. After 24 hours, follow the above sign-on procedure again. Bookmark the web site address for easy access or enter the web site address each time you open HBA OnLine. Helpful hints:

You must be an authorized user to access HBA OnLine. Any unauthorized use constitutes fraud.