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2019 Participating Agency Monthly Excelsior Plan Premium Rates for Employers:

Individual $943.70
Family $2,198.72

Individual Coverage (1 Medicare primary) $359.78
Family Coverage (1 Medicare primary) $1,614.80
Family Coverage (2 or more Medicare primary) $1,030.89

Employers are required to contribute a minimum of 50% of the cost for individual coverage and 35% of the cost for dependent coverage (The dependent coverage cost is the difference between the family premium and the individual premium).

Family coverage for NYSHIP plans is for 2 or more covered members.

Plan Prime rates apply to active employees and retirees who are not Medicare primary.

MediPrime rates apply to Medicare primary enrollees and/or their Medicare primary dependents.

Employers are required by Civil Service Law to reimburse Medicare primary enrollees and their enrolled Medicare primary dependents for their cost of the Medicare Part B Premium.

The Administrative Charge for 2019 is $2.652 per enrollee per month.