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Accounting/Auditing Careers with New York State

Is New York State Government currently recruiting?
New York State government has an on-going need for entry-level accountants and auditors and continuously recruits to fill these positions.
What kinds of jobs are involved?
The roles of accountants and auditors within New York State government are extremely varied. Positions may be assigned to in-house accounting/auditing functions, or examination of financial and other records of governmental or private sector institutions covered by State or local laws.
Doesn't the private sector pay more?
Often jobs in the private sector have higher salaries. However, New York State provides its employees with a substantial array of benefits not reflected in the actual salary, such as health insurance, leave benefits, and tenure. Moreover, there are intangible rewards that come from a career of public service.
Do New York State accounting/auditing positions lead to CPA certification?
Some do, some don't, depending on the nature of the specific assignment. Applicants for whom a CPA is important should clarify this at time of interview.
Do New York State accounting/auditing positions require me to take a test?
All positions in the competitive service require appointees to pass an examination and score high enough to be reachable on an eligible list. General information about New York's Merit System can be found on the New York State Department of Civil Service website at: . There are several different titles used for accounting and auditing positions, and so there are different types of tests involved. The open-competitive Professional Careers in Accounting and Auditing exam uses an on-line process by which you apply and also provide information about your college coursework and work experience. If you meet the minimum qualifications, this information is evaluated against a standardized rating scale and results in one or more examination scores. Promotion exams open to some current State employees use the familiar multiple choice question format; others such as Tax Auditor involve an evaluation of your training and experience based on submissions you provide.
How can I apply for accounting/auditing positions?
You MUST file on-line for the open-competitive Professional Careers in Accounting and Auditing examination. For details on applying for other accounting examinations, please visit: .
What appointment opportunities are available to me?
If appointed from Accountant/Auditor Trainee eligible lists, you will enter a two year traineeship leading to the journey level title, Senior Accountant or Senior Auditor. Note, however, that the Accountant/Auditor Trainee programs permit direct entry at the Trainee 2 level, depending on your level of experience or your advanced degree. If beyond meeting the minimum qualifications for Accountant/Auditor Trainee, you have additional education and/or experience, you may be appointed to the Trainee 2 level, reducing the traineeship time by one year, or directly to the full performance level if you have two years of experience (see chart below). You must inform the hiring agency of the qualifying experience, certifications or possession of master's degree in Accounting at time of interview.
What are the salaries for these positions?
Listed here are upstate salaries for the generic accountant and auditor series (downstate salaries are higher based on authorized differentials). Also listed are higher level titles which can be attained through promotion examination.
Accounting and Auditing Positions
Title Grade Salary* Qualifications
Via continuous recruitment examinations open to the public:
Accountant Trainee 1/Auditor Trainee 1 NS=14 $39,587 Bachelors including 24 credit hours in accounting/auditing
Accountant Trainee 2/Auditor Trainee 2 NS=16 $44,173 Bachelors including 24 credit hours in accounting/auditing, one year relevant experience
Senior Accountant/Senior Auditor SG-18 $49,296 Bachelors including 24 credit hours in accounting/auditing, two years relevant experience or Masters in accounting and one year experience, or CPA
Via promotion examinations from lower level titles:
Associate Accountant/Associate Auditor SG-23 $63,822 One year permanent service as SG-18 Sr. Acct/Sr. Auditor
Supervising Accountant SG-25 $70,931 One year permanent service as SG-23 Associate Accountant
Principal Accountant/Principal Auditor SG-27 $78,708 One year permanent service as SG-23 Associate Accountant/Associate Auditor or SG-25 Supervising Accountant

* Higher salaries authorized for positions in the Mid-Hudson and New York City/Long Island area

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