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Security Hospital Treatment Assistant

Applications Accepted
Tests To Be Held


Examination No. & Title Salary GradeBeginning Salary
10-046 Security Hospital Treatment AssistantG-14$56,158
10-047 Security Hospital Treatment Assistant (Spanish Language)G-14$56,158


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Minimum Qualifications

On or before the date of filing your application, you must be a qualified employee of the New York State Office of Mental Health and have had one year(s) of permanent competitive, non-competitive, labor, or 55-b/55-c service in a direct care position* allocated to Grade 9 or higher; AND you must have a High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Diploma, or similar equivalency such as a General Education Development Certification or higher degree.

*The following are the qualifying direct care titles:

Licensed Practical Nurse
Mental Health Therapy Aide
Mental Health Therapy Aide (Chinese Language)
Mental Health Therapy Aide (Korean Language)
Mental Health Therapy Aide (Manual Communications)
Mental Health Therapy Aide (Russian Language)
Mental Health Therapy Aide (Spanish Language)
Mental Hygiene Therapy Assistant 1
Mental Hygiene Therapy Assistant 1 (Spanish Language)
Mental Hygiene Therapy Assistant 2
Mental Hygiene Therapy Assistant 2 (Spanish Language)
Nurse 1
Nurse 1 (Chinese Language)
Nurse 1 (Manual Communications)
Nurse 1 (Spanish Language)
Peer Specialist
Recreation Assistant
Recreation Assistant (Spanish Language)
Recreation Worker
Recreation Worker (Spanish Language)
Rehabilitation Assistant 1
Rehabilitation Assistant 1 (Spanish Language)
Rehabilitation Assistant 2
Rehabilitation Assistant 2 (Manual Communications)
Rehabilitation Assistant 2 (Spanish Language)
Residential Program Assistant 1
Residential Program Assistant 2
Secure Care Treatment Aide 1
Secure Care Treatment Aide 1 (Spanish Language)
Secure Care Treatment Aide 2
Senior Licensed Practical Nurse 1
Senior Licensed Practical Nurse 2
Social Work Assistant 1
Social Work Assistant 1 (Spanish Language)
Social Work Assistant 2
Social Work Assistant 2 (Chinese Language)
Social Work Assistant 2 (Korean Language)
Social Work Assistant 2 (Spanish Language)

Only the title or titles listed are qualifying.

QUALIFYING EXPERIENCE FOR APPOINTMENT FROM THE ELIGIBLE LIST: After one year of the service described in the Minimum Qualifications, successful candidates will be qualified for appointment from the eligible list.


  1. You must be able to communicate and follow oral and written instructions and directions in English in order to perform the duties of the position.
  2. Consistent with 14 NYCRR 557 (titled "COVID-19 Vaccination Program" and CMS Omnibus COVID-19 Health Care Staff Vaccination Interim Final Rule, all OMH facility staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. More information regarding this vaccination requirement can be found at Link).
  3. Your high school diploma, or equivalency diploma must have been awarded by a high school or educational institution accredited by a regional, national, or specialized agency recognized as an accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education/U.S. Secretary of Education. If your high school diploma was awarded by an educational institution outside the United States and its territories, you must provide independent verification of equivalency. You can write to the Examination Information Desk of the NYS Department of Civil Service for a list of acceptable companies who provide this service. This information can also be found on the Internet at You will be required to provide this information at the time of interview. Failure to produce this documentation will result in your disqualification and removal from the list.
  4. In accordance with Section 52.11 of the Civil Service Law, individuals serving permanently in the non-competitive or labor class in a qualifying title (including those serving under Section 55b/c) who otherwise meet the requirements for taking this examination are eligible to compete in this transition examination.
  5. This examination is also being held on an open competitive basis. If you meet the minimum qualifications, an application for examination No. 20-607, Security Hospital Treatment Assistant will automatically be filed for you.
  6. Drug Testing: Prior to appointment, you will be required to participate in a drug-screening test. Failure to meet the standards may result in your disqualification.
  7. Physical/Medical Requirements: Your physical and medical condition will be evaluated to ensure that you are able to satisfactorily perform the duties of this position with or without reasonable accommodation. A complete statement of the physical and medical standards is available at: A medical examination will be required prior to appointment. Appointees to this position may be required to undergo periodic medical examinations to reassess their ability to perform the essential duties of the position.
  8. Communication Proficiency: If you pass the examination for No. 10-047 Security Hospital Treatment Assistant (Spanish Language), you will be required to demonstrate your communication proficiency at a level that will ensure your ability to perform properly the duties of the position. Only enough candidates to fill current vacancies will be called to the proficiency test.
  9. A New York State Driver's License May Be Required: Depending on your assignment, you may be required to possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle in New York State at the time of appointment and continuously thereafter.
  10. Background Investigation/Justice Center Review: The names of all prospective employees will be:

    • Checked against the Staff Exclusion List (SEL) maintained by the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs. Prospective employees whose names appear on the SEL as having been found responsible for serious or repeated acts of abuse or neglect will be barred from appointment and may have their names removed from the eligible list(s) for the title(s);
    • Investigated through a Criminal Background Check (CBC). All convictions must be reported. Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor or any falsified or omitted information may bar appointment or result in removal after appointment. Each case will be determined on its own merits, consistent with the applicable provisions of state and federal laws;

    and may be:

    • Screened against the Statewide Central Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (SCR). Prospective employees whose names appear on the SCR may be barred from appointment. (NY Social Services Law, Section 424a.)

    You will be responsible for payment of all required fees.

  11. Medicaid and Medicare: In order to be eligible for appointment and to maintain employment, you cannot be listed as an excluded individual or entity on any of the Federal and/or State Medicaid and Medicare exclusion lists (or excluded from any other Federal or Federally assisted program). If you are appointed and subsequently listed as an excluded individual or entity on any of these lists (or excluded from any other Federal or Federally assisted program), you may be terminated from your employment.
  12. If you submit an application for examination No. 10-047 Security Hospital Treatment Assistant (Spanish Language), an application will automatically be submitted for you for examination No. 10-046 Security Hospital Treatment Assistant.
  13. New York State residence is not required.

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As a Security Hospital Treatment Assistant, you would provide direct patient care, treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to patients with mental illness in a secure forensic unit or hospital. You would assist in conducting therapeutic activities; teach, model, and promote acceptable behaviors and verbal skills; encourage patients to participate in physical, recreational, social, educational, and other rehabilitation programs; assist and instruct patients in attending to personal care tasks and activities of daily living; observe and report patient behaviors, progress, and responses to treatment; maintain patient counts; escort patients to activities and appointments on and off facility grounds; search the facility, unit, and/or patient areas for contraband; conduct rounds to identify and remediate potential safety hazards and ensure environmental safety; and complete and maintain a variety of reports, documentation, and other records required for patient care, treatment, safety, and security activities. You would also need to be prepared to act to ensure the health and safety of patients and staff in emergency situations.

Probation: All Security Hospital Treatment Assistant appointees will be required to serve and satisfactorily complete a probationary period of up to 52 weeks which begins at the time of permanent appointment. During probation, an appointee's performance in the prescribed training and development programs will be observed and evaluated. The prescribed training and development programs will include extensive on-the-job training and carefully designed and monitored work experience. An appointee not meeting required standards can be terminated at any time after the initial four (4) weeks.

Initial training will be on the day shift; in order to be included in canvasses for these positions please ensure your shift preference includes day shift. However, you should be aware that at the conclusion of your initial training period the permanent assignment for your position may be to any shift and is likely to be for the evening or night shift with weekend hours required. A candidate must be able to work any shift.

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Subject of Examination

There will be no written test. If you meet the Minimum Qualifications your education and experience will be evaluated against the general background/critical activities of the position. The examination requires completion of an online application and questionnaire - see how to apply. Link).

Your answers to the online application and questionnaire will be the only basis for your score. Do Not Send a Resume.

It is essential that you read, answer, and describe your education and experience as completely as possible on the online application and questionnaire. Ambiguity, vagueness, or omissions will not be decided in your favor. Failure to complete the online application and questionnaire correctly may result in disqualification. If disqualified, candidates must wait 12 months to re-apply.

The information you provide on the online application and questionnaire is subject to verification. You may be required to furnish written verification of the education, experience, certification, or licensure claimed. False statements may result in removal from the eligible list or termination of employment.

Your final score must be 70 or higher in order to pass. Rank on the eligible list will be determined after adding any wartime veterans and Civil Service Law Section 85-a credits to your final score.

CREDIT FOR SENIORITY: Seniority will be given due weight in the evaluation of education and experience.

Applicants are required to have a Personal account and keep their email address up to date. The Department of Civil Service and other state agencies will communicate with you through email correspondence. This may include notification of your application status, your test arrangements, examination results, and canvassing you for interest in appointment.

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How to Apply

Special online application instructions for this examination are available at: Link).

The NYS Office of Mental Health has an ongoing need for persons qualified for appointment to these positions and will accept applications at any time and will rate applications whenever additional eligibles are needed. It is anticipated that the examinations will be held on a periodic basis throughout the year. For information about this exam contact the following:

NYS Office of Mental Health, Facility Personnel Services
44 Holland Avenue, Albany NY 12229
Telephone: 1-877-691-8264

Retest Policy

Qualified candidates may file as frequently as once per year, but a new application is required each time.

Additional Information

New York State is an Equal Opportunity Employer

It is the policy of the State of New York to provide for and promote equal opportunity employment, compensation, and other terms and conditions of employment without unlawful discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, religion, disability, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, veteran or military service member status, marital status, domestic violence victim status, genetic predisposition or carrier status, arrest and/or criminal conviction record, or any other category protected by law, unless based upon a bona fide occupational qualification or other exception.

Appointment to many positions in State government require candidates to undergo an investigative screening. This may include a thorough character investigation, a Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Record History Check, a Child Abuse Registry clearance, or other similar procedures. Candidates may be fingerprinted and may be required to pay any necessary fees for that procedure. Depending on the nature of the job, the criminal convictions discovered, or any falsified or omitted information revealed, the investigative findings may bar appointment or result in removal after appointment.

Eligibility for Employment

You must be legally eligible to work in the United States at the time of appointment and throughout your employment with New York State. If appointed, you must produce documents that establish your identity and eligibility to work in the United States, as required by the federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, and the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Reasonable Accommodations in Testing

It is the policy of the Department of Civil Service, in accordance with the New York State Human Rights Law and the Americans with Disabilities Act, to provide qualified persons with disabilities equal employment opportunity and equal opportunity to participate in and receive the benefits, services, programs, and activities of the Department. It is the policy of the Department to provide such persons reasonable accommodations and reasonable modifications as are necessary to provide equal opportunity. Persons with disabilities who require an accommodation to participate in an examination must note this on their application. Further information is available from the Test Administration Unit of the Department of Civil Service. In the Albany area, call 518-457-2487. Outside of the Albany area, call toll free at 1-877-697-5627. For TDD services, call NY Relay at 711 (requires a fee) or 1-800-662-1220.

New York State Residence Is Not Required For Most Positions

However, you must be eligible for employment in the United States.

Eligibility for Examination

To be considered a qualified employee eligible to compete in this examination, you must be employed in, or on leave from, the specified department or agency on a permanent or contingent permanent basis in the competitive class, or in the non-competitive class or labor class if specifically noted on this announcement (or be on an appropriate preferred list), and have the specified time in the specified title or salary grade. You may not compete in a test for a title if you are permanently employed in that title (unless you are still on probation) or in a higher direct line of promotion.

Continuous Recruitment/Eligible Lists

Candidates who meet the qualifications and pass this examination will have their names placed on the eligible list in the order of final scores, regardless of the date on which they filed or took the test. Generally, the names of qualified candidates will remain on the eligible list for two years. Appeal of ratings will not be allowed as the opportunity for retest exists. The Department of Civil Service reserves the right to terminate this special recruitment program.

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Issued: 8/22

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