Online Training and the HRAcademy

To ensure access to each and every human resource professional, the HRAcademy uses the latest technology to offer training across the entire State. In addition to offering classroom based training, webcasting - a form of online training - has been chosen as one of the primary delivery methods. Webcasting allows individuals with an internet connection and telephone to attend live online training sessions. Participants have welcomed the opportunity to attend these sessions and interact with other professionals without having to incur extensive travel time and associated costs.

We have worked in partnership with the NYS Personnel Council, NYS Training Council, NYS Affirmative Action Advisory Council and the human resource community at large to develop accurate, practical and pragmatic training. This partnership has been invaluable and we will continue to foster these relationships to deliver the best possible programs for NYS human resource professionals.

If you would like additional information or are interested in working with the HRAcademy as a presenter, please contact us at (518) 473-4306 or via e-mail. Please visit the Calendar of Opportunities for available training opportunities.