Motor Equipment Mechanic

Starting Salary:
$39,208 (Thruway)
$37,898 (Canal Corporation)
Job Rate
$56,201 (Thruway)
$54,309 (Canal Corporation)
Motor Equipment Mechanic positions exist in the Department of Transportation at various locations throughout New York State. We have a continuous need for applicants Statewide, with special need in the downstate area. These positions also exist at other New York State departments and agencies at various locations throughout the State.
As a Motor Equipment Mechanic, you would diagnose and correct the causes of faulty vehicle and equipment operation. You would overhaul, adjust and repair gaseous fuel engines, clutches, transmissions and differentials; ignition, wiring, lighting, fuel, cooling, braking and complex hydraulic systems; steering, wheel and suspension mechanisms; and body, cab and frame components. You would also conduct NYS Inspections. You may be assigned to overhaul and rebuild starters, generators, compressors, pumps (fuel, water, air and hydraulic), spreaders, small engines, mowers and a variety of other equipment, including but not limited to track vehicles, loaders (front-end and belt), cranes, shovels, lifts, hydraulic excavators, etc. You may diagnose and repair electronic engine control systems, anti-lock brake systems, and air conditioning. You may also be required to do cutting and welding. In small shops, you may supervise Maintenance Assistants, Maintenance Helpers and others; and you might be required to make road calls, test drive equipment, complete reports, use parts catalogs, and perform other related duties.
Minimum Qualifications:
On or before the date of filing application you must have had:
    1. Four years of experience as an automotive or diesel mechanic responsible for the diagnosis of faulty vehicle and/or equipment operation and the performance of mechanical repairs covering several aspects of automotive and/or diesel systems. On your application you must specify types of repair work performed and the kinds of vehicles on which you performed this work. OR
    2. An Associate's degree in automotive or diesel repair technology.
Application Form:
Use FORM NYS-APP, APPLICATION FOR NYS EXAMINATIONS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Forms are available (by mail or in person) at these offices of the New York State Department of Civil Service, Empire State Plaza, Swan Street Building (Core 1), First Floor, Albany, NY 12239; and the Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building, 163 West 125th Street, New York, NY 10027 or by E-mailing us at: State employees may obtain examination applications at their agency or facility personnel or business office. Mail your completed application to: NYS Department of Civil Service, Albany, NY 12239. DO NOT USE INTER AGENCY MAIL.

If, after you have read the announcement, you would like further information on the duties and/or qualifications for this job call (518) 473-6071.