How will I find out my score?

The results for the open-competitive examinations (26-534, 26-535, and 26-536) will be available to you online. Individuals who participated in these examinations will be notified by e-mail when the scores are available for their review. If you also participated in a promotion examination for a Director of Facilities I, II or III position, you will receive the score from your local civil service agency. Please click here for a list of Municipal Civil Service Agencies.

Can I see the eligible lists?

Yes. You can see an eligible list at the office of the municipal civil service agency once the list is established. A copy of an eligible list may be obtained from that agency under the Freedom of Information Law; payment of a fee may be required.

How can I find out how my score was determined?

An opportunity to do a computational review is provided for most civil service examinations. Information about requesting a computational review will be provided to you as part of your score notice. At the computational review you will be able to determine how many questions you answered correctly and the method by which your final score was determined.

How will I find out about openings for a Director of Facilities position in a school district throughout New York State?

The municipal civil service agency having responsibility for civil service administration for a particular school district in New York State will canvass the eligible list established for Director of Facilities I, II or III when a vacancy occurs to determine if you are interested in a position. Pursuant to Civil Service Law, promotion eligible lists must be canvassed and certified before using a statewide open-competitive eligible list.

How do I notify you of a change in address?

To change your mailing address, e-mail address, phone number and other contact information, please update your civil service account. These changes will be transmitted periodically to local civil service agencies.

Where were the examinations held?

All examinations (promotion and statewide open-competitive) for Director of Facilities I, II and III were held at a State test center. The written tests are conducted in various locations throughout the State, usually in schools or colleges. The tests were administered by State-appointed monitors who check in the candidates, explain procedures, distribute test materials, supervise the test administration and then collect all the materials for shipment back to Albany for processing.

Why do I need to take both the promotion and the statewide open-competitive examination if I am only interested in a promotion?

Civil Service Law §17(5), which governs the development and administration of such examinations, now states:

"...the department shall develop a statewide exam for the positions of director of facilities I, II, & III in school districts throughout the state. Such administration shall include the development of eligibility criteria for examination of potential candidates for the positions of director of facilities I, II, & III based on qualification and experience in accordance with section fifty of this chapter. Such statewide examinations shall not affect the ability of municipal civil service commissions to determine promotion qualifications, announce promotion examinations and establish promotion eligible lists for these positions, consistent with statewide eligibility criteria as determined by the department. Any such promotion examination shall use the statewide examination developed by the department." (emphasis supplied).

How do I apply?

The deadline to apply was November 16, 2018. If you are interested in participating in the next statewide open-competitive examination, visit our exam announcements page. Military service members who missed the application filing period and/or the examinations held on January 5, 2019, may qualify for a military make-up examination. To request a military make-up examination, please call (518) 474-0631. Questions about promotion examination applications must be directed to your local civil service agency. Please click here for a list of Municipal Civil Service Agencies.