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A User ID and Password is required to access information related to agency assignments and program responsibilities. Other protected resources can include Webcasts, RIF Materials, and Civil Service manuals such as NYSTEP, HBA Online and memoranda to the HR community on program policies and procedures.

Your User ID is your identifier for accessing this secure portion of this web site and also Department applications. You must have permissions to HR Web Access in order to access the secure resources. These permissions are approved by the Department of Civil Service.

User ID and Password Frequently Asked Questions

Do I already have a Civil Service User ID?

You may have a Civil Service User ID if you are a public employee who uses Department of Civil Service applications. Note that your Civil Service User ID is different from your government ID.

How do I get a Civil Service ID?

On the Civil Service Login page, click on the link that says, "Create an account now." You will be asked to provide some personal information. You will also select a preferred User ID, a password, and a security question and answer in the event you forget your User ID and/or password.

I forgot my Civil Service ID. How do I find out what it is?

On the Civil Service Login page, click on the link that says, "I forgot my User ID or Password." If you enter your name and Social Security number, we will display your User ID and your Security Question.

I forgot my Civil Service Password. How do I find out what it is?

On the Civil Service Login page, click on the link that says,"I forgot my User ID or Password." Submit either your User ID or your last name and Social Security number on the form. We will provide you with the Security Question you gave when you created your User ID. If you answer that question correctly, your password will be reset and emailed to you. If you did not provide an email address the password will be mailed via USPS to the address we have on file.

Am I required to supply my Social Security number?

If you do not have a Social Security number, a substitute number can be provided for you. Leave the Social Security number field blank and submit the rest of your personal information. You will be told that the Social Security number is missing, and given a link to use if you don't have a Social Security number. Click on the link to have us generate a Substitute number for you. It is very important that you save the number because you will need it for future identification purposes. Please note that the generated Substitute number is only for use with the Department of Civil Service.

Notice: This computer system is the property of the NYS Department of Civil Service (DCS) and is solely for uses authorized by DCS. Your privacy rights are covered by the Department’s Privacy Policy. All information and activity on the system may be monitored. Any unauthorized use of the system may result in disciplinary action, civil and/or criminal penalties. Your use of the system constitutes express consent to the above terms and conditions.

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