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Training Specialist 1 (Addictions), G-18

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Human Resources and Training

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Job Description

Training Specialists (Addictions), working exclusively within the addictions field, develop and present training programs to improve and maintain the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees used on-the-job, to better enable employees within the addictions field to carry out the employing agency’s mission.  Employees may train agency employees directly; or may provide direct training to local government employees or other parties; or may develop and administer contracts for providing training services.  Employees further are charged with assisting substance abuse counselors receive and maintain the proper certification or credential.  These positions are located in the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.

Minimum Qualifications

You must meet the requirements below to qualify for this title.

Bachelor's or higher degree and two years of direct preparation and delivery of training to the addictions and/or human services professionals. Experience must include developing and revising curricula related to the prevention and/or treatment of substance use disorders or the recovery from a substance use disorder. Qualifying experience must have been exclusively or predominately in the areas of prevention, treatment, or recovery from substance use disorders.

NOTE: Mainstream classroom teaching or clinical groups counseling is NOT considered qualifying.

To Apply

To apply for the examination for this PCO Select Job Title you must apply for the PCO examination by February 22, 2017, fill out and submit the PCO Questionnaire by April 5, 2017, and take the PCO written test in April of 2017. The application for and information about the PCO examination is at: