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Utility Analyst 1, G-18

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Service Regulation and Compliance

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As a Utility Analyst 1, you would perform a broad range of analytical tasks relevant to the electric, steam, gas, water and telecommunications utilities on issues such as retail competition; tariff filings; company records; cost and quality of service; rate proceedings; incentive plans; mergers and acquisitions, cost allocations and rate design to ensure that New York State residents have access to safe, reliable utility service at just and reasonable rates.  Almost all of these positions exist in the Department of Public Service.

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Minimum Qualifications

You must meet the requirements below to qualify for this title.

Bachelor's or higher degree and two years of experience in one or more of the following activities directly related to the gas, water, or electric industry:

  • Transmission distribution or production planning, design, construction, operation, safety, or certification
  • Policy formation or implementation
  • Revenue requirement determination
  • Cost allocation
  • Tariff analysis
  • Rate design
  • Competitive energy markets
  • Management and operational audits
  • Policy development and implementation of clean energy programs/initiatives, such as energy efficiency programs, renewable generation portfolios, clean energy standards, or green market development
  • Benefit/cost analysis and/or modeling of emissions impacts of proposed supply-side projects and demand-side programs
  • Evaluation, measurement and verification of clean energy program/initiatives

Appointment Information

Appointment Information

Candidates may also be appointed to a traineeship to this job title from the PCO eligible list. See the Generalist Job Titles description for more information. For further appointment information, see the Appointments tab in the PCO Overview.

To Apply

To apply for the examination for this PCO Select Job Title you must apply for the PCO examination by February 22, 2017, fill out and submit the PCO Questionnaire by April 5, 2017, and take the PCO written test in April of 2017. The application for and information about the PCO examination is at: