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Public Health Specialist 1 (Environment), G-14

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Natural and Physical Sciences

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Public Health Specialists (Environment) investigate and evaluate the impact of environmental contamination on public health; assess human exposure to hazardous chemicals; develop, coordinate, and evaluate regulatory programs and remedial activities; recommend measures protective of public health; and communicate health assessments to the public and other government agencies.  Employees may perform such tasks as reviewing inspection reports, collecting and assembling data, and reviewing scientific literature.  These positions are located in the Department of Health.

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Minimum Qualifications

You must meet the requirements below to qualify for this title.

Bachelor's or higher degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geochemistry, Geology, or Industrial Hygiene.

Other Requirements

Physical/Medical Requirements

Your physical and medical condition will be evaluated to ensure that you are able to satisfactorily perform the duties of this position with or without reasonable accommodation. To obtain a complete statement of the physical and medical standards go to or write to the Medical Review Unit, NYS Department of Civil Service, 55 Mohawk Street, Suite 201, Cohoes, NY 12047. You are responsible for payment of the clinical laboratory test fee.

Appointment Information

Appointment Information

Appointment to the G-18 title - This job title is also filled at the G-18 level. See the Select Job Title information for Public Health Specialist 2 (Environment) to review the additional qualifications for the Public Health Specialist 2 (Environment) title.

To Apply

To apply for the examination for this PCO Select Job Title you must apply for the PCO examination by February 22, 2017, fill out and submit the PCO Questionnaire by April 5, 2017, and take the PCO written test in April of 2017. The application for and information about the PCO examination is at: