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Bacteriologist (Marine), G-14

Occupation Group

Natural and Physical Sciences

General Information

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Job Description

Bacteriologists (Marine) are involved in the sampling and analysis of marine bacteria, dinoflagellates, phytoplankton, and potential human pathogens.  A knowledge of marine biology and ecology is required.  These positions are located in the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Minimum Qualifications

You must meet the requirements below to qualify for this title.

Bachelor's or higher degree with 24 semester credit hours in the natural sciences. At least three semester credit hours must have been in aquaculture, biological oceanography, fisheries biology, fisheries ecology, fisheries management, mariculture, marine biology, marine ecology, or marine resources management; AND

EITHER three semester credit hours in bacteriology, biochemistry, or microbiology; OR one year of experience in a laboratory setting performing professional or technical duties in bacteriology or microbiology.

To Apply

To apply for the examination for this PCO Select Job Title you must apply for the PCO examination by February 22, 2017, fill out and submit the PCO Questionnaire by April 5, 2017, and take the PCO written test in April of 2017. The application for and information about the PCO examination is at: