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Elections and Membership

The Elections and Membership Sub-committee is responsible for ensuring the timeliness and integrity of the election process for membership in the Personnel Council ExecutiveCommittee. This sub-committee is charged with determining and maintaining a roster of effective term dates, as well as notifying the Nominating Committee of vacancies for nomination and election purposes.

The Chair(s) of the Elections and Membership Sub-Committee, along with those Executive members appointed by the Chair of the Personnel Council, constitute the Nominating Committee. This Nominating Committee is responsible for establishing the election timetable; advising the Primary members of the Personnel Council of Executive Committee vacancies and calling for nominations to fill said vacancies; reviews and confirms nominees for qualification to serve on the Executive Committee; prepares, distributes, receives and counts returned ballots; and finally, advises the Chair of the election results.

The Elections and Membership Sub-committee also is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on Primary and Alternate Personnel Council representatives; including their names, titles, contact information and agencies. The Elections and Membership Sub-committee will also periodically update and distribute a Functional Directory of agency human resource management personnel with contact information and their areas of responsibility.