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Dear Human Resources/Recruitment Colleague:

We know that a career in New York State government brings with it many wonderful opportunities and benefits, both tangible and intangible. Those outside government do not always share that awareness, however. And there often are negative perceptions about State service and State employees that must be overcome on the way to a decision to start a career with New York State.

Those in the business of building a talented workforce to carry out the mission and goals of our agencies have frequently been frustrated by negative stereotypes and by the fragmented nature of past efforts to rebuild the State workforce.

In response, the Department of Civil Service, as the central personnel agency for the Executive Branch, in 2008 retained a public relations/marketing/advertising consultant to help us burnish the New York State "brand." Zone 5 of Albany used their expertise and experience in working with other organizations to test what job-seekers and new State employees really think about working for New York State. Some of their conclusions were predictable, but others were surprising.

Using that research and extensive feedback from job-seekers and HR/recruitment professionals, Zone 5 and the Department of Civil Service selected this logo:

Opportunities at Work Statement

There's nothing magical about creation of a logo. It works only if it resonates with target audiences, and based on responses of a focus group, we believe this image and message will resonate. A logo works only if it is used consistently. Finally, a logo works only after it has become recognized from repeated use.

We ask that you look for opportunities to use the "Opportunities at work" logo-on recruitment literature, on job announcements, on your website, on display materials. Use it in conjunction with themes described in the Graphic Standards and Guidelines below.


Consider its use in personal testimony ads such as those described in the Guidelines. Surveys show "people like ourselves" are considered more credible than traditional authority figures. Finally, please use it only in conformance with the prescribed Graphic Standards.

Together, over time, we can make "Opportunities at work" a badge of the professionalism, pride and expertise of New York State's workforce. Thank you.

The Department of Civil Service

Graphic Standards Guidelines(pdf8.46MB)