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The Civil Service Law guarantees individuals the right to achieve public employment based on merit and fitness, through a system of competition that is open and fair. Adopted by New York State over 100 years ago, the Law has been amended many times to reinforce this purpose and to meet the evolving needs of government and its employees.

Today the scope of government is changing and taking on a new shape as we meet new challenges in a variety of areas. As a result, our Administration has taken major steps to make the civil service system more flexible and responsive. One of those steps was to enhance employee mobility within the state work force in order to achieve longer periods of employment and greater retention of skilled public service employees. To help accomplish this, Section 78 of the Civil Service Law was enacted to facilitate employee transfer between agencies. This law has been a landmark development in the history of the civil service system, enabling New York State to better manage its work force and provide employees with increased employment opportunities.

A description of Section 78 and other revisions to the law may be found in this newly-revised Summary of Civil Service Law. This guide is a helpful reference tool for public employees and you are certain to also find it useful.

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