CSL § 50.1 Civil Service Law requires that, as far as practicable, positions in the competitive class be filled through a competitive examination process that ascertains the relative merit and fitness of each candidate.
CSL § 50.2
PR § 66.1
The State Department of Civil Service must issue an announcement for each competitive examination, setting forth the minimum qualifications, the subjects of the examination and other information deemed necessary, and advertise such examination.
CSL § 50.3
CSR § 3.2
Candidates for competitive examinations must submit applications and demonstrate that they meet the announced requirements. The State Civil Service Department may refuse to examine or to certify an applicant who does not meet the minimum qualifications. There are several other grounds for disqualification, including falsification of an examination application. Disqualified applicants must be provided a written explanation and afforded an opportunity to submit an opposing explanation. Additionally, they may appeal the disqualification to the Civil Service Commission.
CSL § 52.1
CSR § 3.3
Positions in the competitive class above entry-level are generally filled by promotion from among individuals holding competitive class lower grade positions in direct line within the department in which the vacancy exists. The Department of Civil Service may determine that it is impracticable or against the public interest to limit eligibility to individuals holding lower grade direct line positions. Eligibility for promotion may be extended to individuals in collateral lines or to comparable positions in any other unit or units, and may include minimum training and experience requirements.
Open Competitive
CSL § 51.1 The State Civil Service Department may, on its own initiative or upon the request of the appointing officer stating his/her reasons, determine to conduct an open-competitive examination instead of a promotion examination.
CSL § 51.2
If there is a promotion field, and an open-competitive and promotion examination are not being held simultaneously, a notice of intention to conduct an open-competitive examination must be posted for at least 15 days. During this 15-day period, employees who believe that a promotion examination should be held may submit specific reasons why they believe a promotion exam to be practicable and in the public interest.
Non-Competitive Class Eligibility for Promotion
CSL § 52.11 For certain designated titles, employees who hold or formerly held non-competitive or labor class positions have the same opportunities to take promotion examinations as employees in competitive class positions, as long as the promotion examination is being held in conjunction with an open-competitive examination.
CSL § 55.b
Additionally, individuals appointed to non-competitive class positions pursuant to Section 55-b or 55-c have the same opportunities to take promotion exams as employees in competitive class positions. No simultaneous open-competitive exam need be held. The same opportunity may be extended by the Civil Service Commission to Vietnam Era veterans.

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