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Welcome to the joint Department of Civil Service and Governor's Office of Employee Relations Workforce and Succession Planning website. The purpose of the website is to provide State agencies with guidance and a forum to share information on Workforce and Succession Planning. We welcome your comments and encourage State agencies to submit information for the website. Write to us at

Latest Information

"Today is the Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday: Meeting the Challenges of a Changing Workforce"
by Nancy Kiyonaga,
Director of Workforce and Occupational Planning,
NYS Department of Civil Service.

This article is reprinted from the IPMA-HR Public Personnel Management journal, Volume 33 No.4, Winter 2004.

To view and print this publication in the graphic format/pdf format you need Adobe Acrobat Reader™ (which is free) from Adobe Systems. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader™ and want to download it now click on the link to the Adobe web site below and follow their download instructions. Since Adobe Acrobat Reader™ comes in versions that run in DOS, Windows, Mac, UNIX and OS/2, be sure you download the correct version.
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If you are still unable to access this publication, copies can be obtained by either writing to the New York State Department of Civil Service, Public Information Office, Building #1, The State Campus, Albany, New York 12239, or by calling us at 518-457-9375.
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Additional Information

Workforce and Succession Planning Work Groups

From January to July 2002, eight interagency work groups studied different facets of workforce and succession planning to identify practices that may be useful to State agencies. Click on the underlined workgroup names to see the available reports. Also see Overview of the Workgroups.

  • Competencies: This group developed management and leadership competencies along with guidelines on using them.
  • Knowledge Management/Transfer: This group studied effective ways of managing knowledge and ways of capturing knowledge possessed by departing highly skilled employees and sharing it with those who will be taking their place.
  • Management Mobility: This group studied ways to increase the ability of managers to move within their agency and to other agencies. The purpose is to develop the State's managerial resources and match managerial skills and capabilities with agency needs.
  • Mentoring: This group identified the characteristics of good mentoring programs to help agencies develop programs or improve existing ones.
  • Recruitment and Selection: This group focused on innovative recruitment and selection strategies and techniques.
  • Employee Retention: This group looked at steps that can be taken to better communicate what the State has to offer, make employment with the State more appealing, and encourage our highly skilled employees to stay.
  • Retiree Resources: This group focused on an array of realistic, practical ideas and options for hiring retirees.
  • Staff Development: This group looked for new ways to develop staff in preparing them to take on new jobs and responsibilities to replace departing employees.
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