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Report of the Competencies Work Group
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(Updated 10/02)

In sponsoring the workgroup, the Department of Civil Service and Governor's Office of Employee Relations in no way indicate endorsement of the perspectives, opinions, and recommendations presented in this report.

A key ingredient in any workforce or succession planning effort is knowing the capabilities and qualities, or competencies, people need to have to be successful in their jobs. Using competencies, we can determine whether employees are prepared to move to the next level in the organization or laterally to another functional area. And if they are not prepared, competencies can help identify the training and development activities needed to prepare them.

There is a nationwide trend toward using competencies as the basis for human resource systems. A few New York State agencies are beginning to use competencies, mainly for management development. However, the area of competencies is relatively new to most agencies. The Competencies Work Group was formed in January 2002 to provide agencies with information to help them sort out whether developing competencies would be useful and, if so, to provide some guidelines on how to proceed. While this report discusses competencies generally, the emphasis is on leadership and management competencies within a succession planning context.

  • Section 1 introduces the concepts of competencies and how they are used.
  • Sections 2, 3, and 4 cover the specifics of developing competency models and the resources available for developing them.
  • Section 5 provides step-by-step guidelines on developing and applying competencies. It includes a chart that summarizes the steps and an outline of the steps in more detail. This section can be used independently of the rest of the report.
  • Section 6 discusses how one agency is developing its competencies.
  • Section 7 includes links to other resources for competencies.
  • Sections 8-11 cover the references, bibliography, work group membership, and acknowledgments.

Report Contents

  1. Basic Information on Competencies
    Why Competencies?
    Definition of a Competency
    Organizational Competencies
    How Competencies Are Used
  2. Development of Competency Models
  3. Competency Models
  4. Competency Groupings
  5. Strategy and Guidelines for Developing and Using Competencies
  6. Agency Example: NYS Office of the State Comptroller
  7. Other Competency Links
  8. Endnotes
  9. Further Reading
  10. Work Group Members
  11. Acknowledgments


Job Analysis Steps
Leadership and Management Competencies List

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