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3. Competency Models
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The work group has developed a competencies list that you can use to build a leadership/management competency model. We drew on a wide variety of existing models. You can choose among the competencies and edit the behavioral descriptions to meet your needs. We have chosen to use behavioral descriptions to define the competencies. Behavioral statements provide a more specific standard for determining whether the competency is present. There are drawbacks to this approach, however. For example, it is not possible to be comprehensive in terms of the behaviors that might demonstrate the competency. (3)

We have also provided sample competency group headings in Section 4 that you might find useful. In some cases, you may find that an individual competency on our listing would be more appropriate as a competency group heading. Also see links to other sites for competency models from other states, the federal government, Canada, and Australia.

See the following sites for competencies and competency models:

Competencies List on this site.

NYS Department of Civil Service

Competencies tested on the Promotion Test Batteries for Mid-Level and High-Level Managers and Administrators

NYS Office of Children and Family Services
Management competencies

State of Kansas
State of Kansas Competency Model: Definitions and Examples of Behavioral Competencies. (This document may not be accessible to the visually impaired.)

State of Michigan
Group Four and SES Leadership Competencies Definitions & Key Actions - competencies for higher level managers and leaders.
Group Three Manager Competencies Definitions & Key Actions - competencies for middle managers.
Group Three Supervisor Competencies Definitions & Key Actions

State of Washington
Competency Profile Suggestions. This includes links to competency profiles for mid-level managers and others.
Core competencies for mid-level managers.

US Office of Personnel Management
Competencies for the Senior Executive Service.

Public Service Commission of Canada
The site has five categories of management competencies with a total of 14 competencies with definitions.
This includes middle management competencies listed in interactive learning, narrative and summary formats.

Northern Territory Government of Australia
http://www.nt.gov.au/ocpe/documents/publications/hr-info-series/infoseries13.htm Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment. Updated Executive Officer Competencies.

Competing Values Framework
This framework is used in GOER's "Challenges in Supervision and Management" training courses. Http://www.goer.state.ny.us/Train/currprogsvc/infochallandpsfstrnrs.html Also see Becoming a Master Manager: A Competency Framework.

Workforce: HR Trends & Tools for Business Results, an online publication.
31 Core Competencies Explained: Major competencies for which employers look, along with some of the behaviors associated with each.

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