Occ. Code 0122100





New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Payroll Assistants prepare and process payroll transactions and related documents, answer standard payroll questions, and provide payroll customer service to agency employees by applying policies, rules, and regulations issued by the Office of the State Comptroller, the Department of Civil Service, and the Division of the Budget.  Incumbents are engaged in tasks which require compliance with detailed procedures, the use of multiple computer software programs, and adherence to strict deadlines to ensure accurate and timely payroll submissions to control agencies. 




            PAYROLL ASSISTANT:  full performance level, review and process payroll documents; prepare and process payroll transactions; compute and verify salaries, salary changes and deductions; prepare standard payroll reports and listings for use by agency payroll supervisors; and assist agency payroll supervisors in resolving payroll certification issues and payroll processing errors.   Incumbents in this class are distinguished from Payroll Examiners 1 by the latters responsibility for a payroll segment in a large State agency or by responsibility for an agency or facility payroll program supporting at least 200 employees.




Process payroll documents and payroll transactions.


·         Check for completeness and process in appropriate computer systems payroll documents such as direct deposit forms, tax forms, and other forms related to payroll transactions


·         Review personnel transactions/information submitted to the payroll office by ensuring that position and employee information is complete and is consistently data entered in all relevant and controlling human resources and payroll computer systems.  Data enter, update, or change information in payroll systems as necessary, and in human resources systems as prescribed by agency operations. 


Calculate salaries and other wage information for agency employees.



·         Calculate and process salary increases, longevity payments, and performance advances.


·         Calculate employee salaries taking into account eligibility for miscellaneous payments and additional factors.


·         May calculate adjusted earnings and taxes for employees as necessary to correct W-2 Wage Statements.  Submit requests to issue corrected W-2 Wage Statements to the Office of the State Comptroller.


·         May reconstruct employee salary histories by following standard procedures to determine and/or verify appropriate salary.


·         May calculate, coordinate, and communicate back salary awards, settlements, penalties and garnishments in accordance with court orders, grievances, disciplinary proceedings, and arbitration decisions.


·         May calculate the number of pay periods of sick leave with half pay entitlement for employees by applying knowledge of Civil Service Law, Office of the State Comptroller rules and regulations, and negotiated agreements.


·         May review eligibility and adjust vacation, sick, and personal leave credits for part-time annual salaried employees using various reports to calculate the additional hours worked beyond their payroll percentage and the amount of leave credits to be adjusted under the guidelines set forth by the Department of Civil Service.


·         May be responsible for reviewing submitted time sheets to determine they are completed in accordance with Civil Service Time and Attendance Rules and contractually negotiated agreements.


·         May calculate and process overtime, holiday pay, inconvenience pay, recall pay, pre-shift briefing, lost time, extra-time, and other additional compensation payments.  Conducts weekly audits to ensure employees are being paid in accordance with Department of Civil Service Rules, negotiated agreements, and Office of the State Comptroller Rules and Regulations.


Provide customer service to agency employees on payroll and/or personnel related issues.






May supervise the work of subordinate clerical staff in the processing of the basic and rudimentary payroll documents.


·         Review payroll documents processed or data entered by subordinate clerical staff to ensure that documents were completed and that transactions and information were data entered correctly

·         Assign document processing work to subordinates based on workload, type of transaction or document, or any other relevant division of labor. 


·         Provide instruction and guidance to subordinate staff in identifying missing or obviously erroneous information, in obtaining corrected information, and in correctly processing documents and transactions.


·         Ensure that transactions and documents processed by subordinates are completed within prescribed deadlines. 


Under direction, may assist payroll supervisors in providing on-the-job training for Payroll Assistant Trainees.


·         May demonstrate payroll and human resources systems operations, data entry, basic report production, and other computer system related functions.


·         May assist trainees in locating and reviewing reference documents and materials which outline policies, procedures, and regulations relating to payroll and human resources issues. 


·         May provide trainees with information and guidance on processing and preparing basic payroll transactions.


·         May provide trainees with an overview of basic agency payroll operations including the number of agency employees, payrolls, locations, negotiating units, and other information related to the overall make up of the agency payroll program. 

·         May provide additional and more in-depth information and training on basic payroll transactions related to specific areas of the payroll program for which the trainee may be assigned. 


Assist agency payroll supervisors in resolving payroll certification issues and payroll processing errors.


·         Review standard payroll reports to ensure that payroll transactions are processed properly.


·         Refer more complicated and/or unresolved errors to a payroll supervisor or other position responsible for payroll and personnel transactions as appropriate. 


·         Process corrective payroll or payroll related transactions in various computer systems to rectify payroll errors and/or certification issues.


·         Assist payroll supervisors in resolving more complicated issues by researching specific payroll topics and/or contacting control agency staff with specific questions or guidance requests.




            Successful completion of a one-year traineeship



Date:  8/10


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe. Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class. The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written. Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.