Occ. Code 0200000



New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Specification


Accountant Aides are paraprofessional positions, requiring specialized training and education, that perform a variety of accounting and auditing activities to support the work of professional accountants and auditors.


ACCOUNTANT AIDE: paraprofessional, performs assignments characterized by application of procedures, guidelines, and standard practices; appointment requires six credit hours of accounting courses and completion of a two-year traineeship.


Administrative Aides function as paraprofessionals performing a wide variety of administrative activities to support the work of professional administrative positions in various specialties, such as budgeting, human resources, or administrative analysis, or managers and staff in an agency executive office.

Agency Program Aides function as paraprofessionals that provide program or technical support in a program by performing a wide variety of program activities and tasks to support the work of professional and technical positions.

Auditors perform systematic examinations and appraisals of the accounting records and financial affairs of public, for profit, and non-profit organizations and businesses to ensure accounts are maintained in compliance with governing laws, rules, regulations, and contracts, determine the ability of an organization to conduct its programs efficiently and effectively, and evaluate internal controls and practices.

Accountants develop, implement, and maintain accounting systems and procedures to support an agency's accounting system, including the development, examination, preparation, analysis, and maintenance of financial and accounting records, reports, and supporting documentation.


ACCOUNTANT AIDE: gathers, compiles, and updates financial data and records; prepares and reviews financial reports and records and documentation to support findings and transactions; reconciles accounts and data, reviews accounting and auditing reports and verifies the accuracy of calculations, balances, and supporting documentation; sets up, documents, and modifies accounting records and systems, including automated records and systems, and records and reviews accounting entries and supporting documentation; prepares correspondence about accounting and auditing transactions, statements, appropriations, revenue, and other matters; creates a variety of worksheets to support accounting and auditing systems and activities; and assists auditing teams conducting financial and program audits by counting, verifying, and reconciling inventory and cash on hand, determining and verifying the accuracy and propriety of transactions, records, reports, and statements, gathering, sorting, and compiling data and other material, reviewing accounting and other systems and transactions, and preparing and verifying supporting documentation and work papers.



Promotion: One year of permanent competitive or Section 55 service at or above Grade 5, six credit hours of accounting, and completion of a two-year traineeship.

Date: 10/98