Occ. Code 0607100









New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Tax Audit Administrators manage district and central office audit programs to ensure revenue collection is maximized and audit activities are conducted in accordance with the tax laws, and policies and procedures. These positions are found only in the Department of Taxation and Finance.




TAX AUDIT ADMINISTRATOR 1:  when assigned to a district office, functions as a program manager in one or more district offices with responsibility over multiple audit sections; assists the district audit manager in directing the day-to-day operations of the district office  and in developing and administering the district audit plan.


When assigned to central office; functions as a program manager over a central office bureau; directs the activities of an assigned audit program (i.e., specific tax specialty) and develops and administers the audit plan for the assigned program.


TAX AUDIT ADMINISTRATOR 2:  when assigned responsibility for one or more district office(s), serves as district audit manager and directs all district office audit programs and develops and administers all district office audit plans.

When assigned in central office, functions as second-in-command of a tax specialty bureau and assists a Tax Audit Administrator 3 in managing and coordinating all bureau audit programs, and overseeing the development and administration of all bureau audit plans.


TAX AUDIT ADMINISTRATOR 3:  serves as bureau director; manages and coordinates activities of both field and office audits and oversees the development and administration of audit plans for district offices or a central office bureau; assists the Director Audits in developing and administering the Audit Divisions annual audit plan.








Under the general direction of a Tax Audit Administrator 2, directs the field and office activities of multiple sections in the various tax specialty programs within the district office;  directly supervises Tax Auditors 3 serving as section heads in one or more tax specialties;  participates in developing the district offices annual audit plan and monitors and reports progress to the district audit manager and bureau management; establishes, coordinates and monitors practices and procedures to ensure consistency with bureau and district office policies; conducts secondary reviews of field audit cases within assigned sections to satisfy internal control mandates and ensure compliance with New York State tax law, regulations and guidelines;  performs administrative duties to ensure that assigned units operate in compliance with all Department rules and guidelines;  coordinates and participates in the recruitment, hiring and promotion of staff for assigned sections; and conducts conferences with taxpayers and/or their representatives.


Under the general direction of a Tax Audit Administrator 2 (Program Chief) in central office, oversees the day-to-day operations of an assigned audit program; directly supervises Tax Auditors 3 and/or Tax Technicians 4 serving as section heads; establishes and administers the programs audit plan; communicates bureau policy to both lower-level central office managers and higher level district audit managers within the assigned audit program; establishes policy within the assigned audit program and monitors the application of that policy; develops and administers systems to evaluate, monitor and improve performance to ensure achievement of audit plan goals, adherence to established policies and consistency across sections; sets priorities for the criteria, selection and assignment of audit cases to maximize fiscal and staff resources; explores and oversees the testing of new audit initiatives for cost-effectiveness and revenue potential; monitors and recommends training needs for subordinate staff; and makes recommendations to higher level Tax Audit Administrators on audit policy decisions and matters pending before the Bureau of Conciliation and Mediation Services, and the Division of Tax Appeals.




As a district audit manager: directs all audit and administrative activities of an assigned district office; directly supervises Tax Audit Administrators 1; ensures resources are maximized to achieve audit plan goals; ensures consistent application of Division and Department policies, taxpayer rights, secrecy provisions, and tax laws, rules and regulations; corrects procedures and work practices to achieve goals; under guidelines established by bureau directors, implements audit plans for all audit programs in assigned district office; provides input and assistance to bureau staff and management to develop program audit plans; identifies sensitive areas of audit activity and recommends solutions to bureau directors and Division director; recommends programs to increase effectiveness and enhance revenue collection; coordinates with other divisions and agencies on shared audit issues; develops budget and staffing plans, resolves personnel issues; oversees staff development; develops recruitment plans; and oversees and monitors the implementation of internal controls.


Under the direction of a Tax Audit Administrator 3 (Bureau Director), performs administrative management functions for the bureau; prepares budget requests; establishes and maintains proper staffing levels; provides leadership to ensure uniform application of tax law and audit techniques within the bureau; ensures subordinate staff is adequately trained; fosters teamwork among subordinates and associates; reviews analyses prepared by subordinates; works with program managers and section heads to create and implement procedures and policies to meet the objectives of the audit plan; addresses areas of non compliance with the Departments strategic plan; ensures all potential auditing practices and techniques are being utilized; represents the Department and/or Division at meetings; and advises and makes recommendations to the bureau director.




Under the general direction of the Director Audits, provides overall day- to-day leadership and direction for a bureau; establishes and monitors audit plan objectives; ensures program operations have adequate procedures and policies and that they are being followed; participates in developing and implementing procedures, policies and standards; promotes and maintains cooperative relationships with other organizational components of the Department,  the Internal Revenue Service, and other state and local agencies; monitors program operations to ensure resources are used efficiently and effectively; develops and prepares productivity reports for management; and oversees the analysis and evaluation of proposed tax legislation.




Tax Audit Administrators communicate orally and in writing.  They consult with staff in other divisions to address and resolve uncertain areas or issues relating to legal clarification, appeals, tax forms, and/or the revision of tax return instructions. They may conduct conferences with taxpayers and/or their representatives to resolve legal and technical issues.  As representatives of the Department, Tax Audit Administrators make presentations at committee meetings and trade conferences and participate in inter-agency and inter-state projects.  They consult with authorized staff of federal, state and local tax agencies to exchange information and coordinate audit activities.  In all communications, Tax Audit Administrators must exercise discretion and tact, provide clear, concise, and complete information, and uphold and enforce the secrecy provisions of the Tax Law.






Promotion:  one year of service in one of the following titles: Tax Auditor 3 and parenthetics, Tax Technician 4 and parenthetics, or Data Processing Fiscal Systems Auditor 3.




Promotion:  one year of service in one of the following titles: Tax Audit Administrator 1, Tax Auditor 3 and parenthetics, Tax Technician 4 and parenthetics, Data Processing Fiscal Systems Auditor 3, Data Processing Fiscal Systems Auditor 4, or Supervisor of Tax Conferences. 




Promotion:  one year of service as a Tax Audit Administrator 2, Data Processing Fiscal Systems Auditor 5, Tax Audit Administrator 1, or Data Processing Fiscal Systems Auditor 4.    





Date:  3/10



Note: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent, and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.