Occ. Code 0641100


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard


Employees in this class provide assistance to taxpayers or their representatives in the preparation of corporation, income, sales and various miscellaneous tax returns. In this capacity, they maintain a high degree of public contact with regard to proper filing of tax returns and are called on to explain provisions and requirements of the tax law. In addition, these employees assist the taxpayer in completing applications for licenses and registrations that are issued by the Tax Department.

Positions of Taxpayer Service Representative I are found only in the Taxpayer Services Division of the Department of Taxation and Finance.


Positions in this class are characterized by activities which are concerned with requests submitted by taxpayers for information or guidance in interpretation of tax law and/or proper filing of tax returns. Incumbents have frequent telephone and face--to-face contact with taxpayers and may be required to draft written replies to requests for information. In order to reply to these requests, the incumbents may have to research pertinent sections of the tax law.

Positions of Taxpayer Service Representative I are distinguished from other positions in the Tax Department by their dual role of acting as an advocate for taxpayers, advising them of their own best interest when meeting their tax obligations under the law, while at the same time assuring that the Tax Department's policies and regulations under the law are met. This dual advocacy contrasts with other positions which necessarily function in the Department's behalf, even though they do provide some assistance and information to taxpayers.

Positions of Taxpayer Service Representative I are distinguished from lower level positions such as Tax Information Aide by their responsibility for providing assistance to taxpayers on all of the taxes cited above. Tax Information Aides provide assistance on more routine matters and work primarily with income tax matters.


Assists taxpayers in preparing income, sales, corporation and miscellaneous tax forms, returns, registrations and licenses.

Assists in the training and supervision of seasonal Tax Information Aides employed by the Department for the income tax peak filing period.


Incumbents of this class have written, telephone and face-to-face contact with the general public. In addition, they have similar contact with taxpayers' representatives; i.e., accountants, attorneys, tax specialists. Incumbents must be
tactful, polite, helpful and able to communicate with a wide cross section of people on technical aspects of the tax law. Employees in this class often encounter taxpayers and/or their representatives who may be irate or confused because of what they feel is an unfair and complicated tax policy or interpretation of the tax law. The incumbents must be able to handle such situations in a pleasant but businesslike manner in order to avoid further confusion of the matter.


Although positions of Taxpayer Service Representative I have no supervisory responsibilities, incumbents may assist in the training and supervision of seasonal Tax Information Aides employed by the Department during the income tax peak filing period. Incumbents are supervised by a Taxpayer Service Representative II, Grade 14 who assigns work priorities to the various requests for information and provides technical expertise, guidance and training. Requests for assistance that are beyond the level of expertise of the Taxpayer Service Representative I are referred to the Taxpayer Service Representative II.



Promotion: One year of permanent competitive or non-competitive service in a position allocated to Grade 3 or above in the Department of Taxation and Finance.

Open Competitive: Two years of satisfactory office or sales experience which involved direct public contact as the principal activity; or an associate's degree or satisfactory completion of 60 credit hours at an accredited or recognized four year college or university; or a satisfactory combination of experience and education.

NOTE: These qualifications are subject to change due to selection plan considerations. For current information on qualification requirements for selection purposes contact the Bureau of Staffing Services.

Date: 11/83