Occ. Code 0702500


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard


Incumbents of positions in these classes supervise a statistical-clerical staff performing activities in the computation, description, organization, and presentation of statistical data in support of a professional staff.

Typically these classes are located in organizations requiring the preparation of statistical data where the essential function of the organization is the output of statistics and, as such, may be found in various State agencies.

For the purposes of this standard statistics is defined as the body of theory and methods used in the collection, classification and evaluation of numerical data. It represents a system for the collection, compilation, description, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of information in numerical form.


Both of these classes are characterized by the supervision of lower level statistics clerks and the performance of many of the more difficult statistical-clerical activities typical of a statistical assistant to a professional staff member as described in the Calculations Clerk 2 standard (Occ. Code 0100100). The primary distinction between the two classes described in this standard is the size of the statistical-clerical staff supervised. Typically a Principal Statistics Clerk supervises a statistical-clerical staff of at least six subordinates; where a Principal Statistics Clerk supervises a smaller subordinate staff the Principal Statistics Clerk is responsible for using knowledge of the specific assigned statistical program and tolerance built into it to select and adjust the data received for inclusion into the statistical sample. At the Head level an incumbent usually supervises a similar staff of more than 20. Incumbents may also supervise additional subordinates who perform such activities as coding, compiling and filing of data.

Although both the Principal and Head Statistics Clerks may perform and supervise some non-statistical-clerical activities, the majority of the incumbent's time must be devoted to supervising and performing statistical-clerical work. Incumbents supervising full time clerical activities not requiring a knowledge of statistical-clerical methods and procedures are classified in the general clerical series or in the series most appropriate to the predominant tasks performed. Illustrative of such activities include the routine review or coding of documents, the collection and posting of data or the making of numerical computations in the compilation and processing of data.

Positions in the statistical-clerical series are distinguished from those in the professional statistician series by the latter's application of knowledge of statistical theory, assumptions or principles in gathering, organizing, analyzing and interpreting statistical data. Statisticians provide technical assistance, advice and professional consultation to program and administrative staff in the application of statistical techniques and methods. Their work characteristically requires the exercise of judgment in the application of statistical theory in the formulating and planning of studies and in the analysis of data received using inductive statistical theory and methods.


Supervises a statistical-clerical staff in the collection, compilation, computation, description, organization and presentation of statistical data.

May assist the professional staff in the development of work materials to be used by the statistical--clerical staff.

May analyze data collected to determine its reasonableness against such factors as precedence, experience, or previously established parameters.

Performs the tasks and activities listed in the classification standards for Calculations Clerk 1 (Occ. Code 0100100) and Calculations Clerk 2 (Occ. Code 0100110).


Incumbents of positions in these classes have frequent oral communication with subordinate staff for the purpose of making work assignments and providing information, advice and assistance on statistical techniques and work problems in support of written guidelines and procedures. Incumbents have frequent oral communications with supervisors receiving work assignments and discussing specific statistical techniques to be used, problems encountered and progress to date. They also have frequent oral and written communications with data sources inside and outside the employing agency requesting statistical information and clarification of the information received. They may contact new sources of data to explain use and benefit of statistical programs and the exact type of data needed.


Incumbents of positions in these classes supervise a staff of statistical-clerical employees. They make specific work assignments, set deadlines, provide specific written and' oral' guidelines, procedures and techniques on how work should be performed, provide advice and assistance for problems encountered and review work during performance and at its completion. :'

As the highest level position in a statistical-clerical unit, incumbents receive work assignments with general oral and written instructions concerning its purpose and use, the form the data should be presented in and the objectives of the assignment. The assignment is performed independently and reviewed at its completion for conformance with the instructions.

A Principal Statistics Clerk, who acts as an assistant to a Head Statistics Clerk, supervises a subordinate statistical-clerical staff, assigning work, observing performance, providing advice and assistance and reviewing completed work. A Principal Statistics Clerk solves all difficult problems involving the interpretation of data and communication with outside sources in resolving problems. The Head Statistics Clerk supervises the Principal Statistics Clerk in the framework described above.


Incumbents of positions of Head and Principal Statistics Clerk regularly use computers, desk calculators and adding machines. They may operate office machines and typewriters in copying, duplicating and processing data and the accompanying report.



Head Statistics Clerk

One year of permanent service as a Principal Statistics Clerk.

Principal Statistics Clerk

One year of permanent service as a Calculations Clerk 2.

Revised: 9/00


Revised: 9/00