Occ. Code 0705500


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Specification


Principal Statisticians perform professional activities, requiring specialized training and education, in applying statistical techniques to analyze Department of Labor programs and employment related data. They supervise Economists and/or lower level Statisticians in the analysis of labor market data and program statistics. Principal Statisticians are classified only in the Department of Labor.


PRINCIPAL STATISTICIAN: second level supervisor; responsible for a subsection of the Research and Statistics Division; serves as a technical expert.


Associate Statisticians apply statistical theories and principles in the planning, execution, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of statistical studies and provide guidance and counsel to management on statistical matters.

Economists (Labor Research) collect and analyze data related to employment and occupational trends. They provide information regarding the local economy to a variety of interested parties, conduct wage, income, and working condition surveys, and distribute data pertaining to employment statistics. These positions are classified only in the Department of Labor.

The Chief of Labor Statistics administers the Labor Market Statistical Program which supplies data used in the evaluation of the State's economy and feeder data for national statistics.


PRINCIPAL STATISTICIAN: under general supervision, plans, directs, and supervises the development of statistical projects related to Department of Labor programs and labor-related programs including welfare, Unemployment Insurance and Workforce Investment Act. Using a variety of statistical techniques including sampling and time series analysis participates in the development of data models or databases or supervises the establishment and ongoing operation of all data systems; develops statistical techniques and methodologies to optimize allocation of resources; responds to the more complicated technical or statistical questions by providing estimates and interpretations of data; informs staff of the technical standards for data; conducts research using statistically sound survey methods and writes reports of findings; assures that quality standards are met and that the data are statistically reliable; assures that appropriate statistical methodology is followed; reviews and approves the release of major statistical reports that analyze and interpret the results for the public; reviews and apprises staff of technical standards for labor market data; resolves technical economic and statistical problems that influence the release of data to the public; and supervises the development of special analytical reports and working papers on labor statistics and economic issues.



Promotion: One year of permanent service as an Associate Statistician, Associate Biostatistician, Associate Economist, Associate Economist (various parenthetics), Econometrician 2, Program Research Specialist 3, or Program Research Specialist 3 (various parenthetics) and possession of 24 credit hours in statistics, biostatistics, computer science, economics/econometrics, mathematics, operations research, or research methods, three of which must have been in statistics or biostatistics and nine more of which must have been from among differential or integral calculus, econometrics, biostatistics, or statistics.

Revised: 7/00