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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Directors Information Technology Services manage and direct the overall operation of an Information Technology (IT) organization and oversee the daily management activities supervised by lower level managerial IT staff. 


Directors Information Technology Services exist in most agencies with medium to large sized information technology operations. 




The level of Director Information Technology Services classified in an agency is dependent upon a number of factors such as the criticality of information technology operations; level and number of technical and consultant staff supervised; requirement for 24/7 operations; geographic dispersion of users; number and categories of users served both internally and externally; the diversity and scale of information technology operations, software, hardware, architectural and infrastructural requirements, and applications; management responsibility and control of the IT budget; and the number and dollar value of contracts managed and/or service-level agreements executed. 


Additional factors such as the overall impact of operations on the health and safety of New York State citizens, and the consequences of error are also considered in determining the appropriate level. 


        DIRECTOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 1:  positions in this class manage and direct the IT operations of agencies operating small or medium IT shops. 


DIRECTOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 2: positions in this class manage and direct the IT operations of agencies operating medium or large IT shops. 



DIRECTOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES 3:  positions in this class exist in only the most complex IT organizations and are responsible for managing and directing overall IT operations.




Plans, manages, and directs agency IT environments, Statewide and/or agency strategic initiatives and multi-agency initiatives and directs the analysis, development, implementation, quality assurance, maintenance and enhancement of various IT initiatives (applications, networks, architecture, infrastructure, operations, and telecommunications) across multiple platforms such as mainframe, open servers, workstation and web-based platforms.


·      Manages and directs the preparation of detailed work plans for staff resources and monitors work plans for progress, adjusting resource allocation and priorities as necessary.


·      Manages and directs the preparation of analysis and cost benefit studies, which result from customer requests, legislative and policy changes, system problems, and emerging technologies.


·      Sets appropriate priority for pending requests for IT services based upon the agency business strategies and input from IT stakeholders.


·      Meets with IT program management and customers to determine technical needs, requirements, program priorities and implementation approaches.


·      Directs the development of technical data security and application architecture plans for complex, multi-tiered application development environments.


·      Manages and directs the preparation of project deliverables and the resolution of issues affecting various aspects of the project implementation plan.


·      Directs the oversight of vendors in collaboration with customers who are developing IT products and/or services for the agency to ensure that the product or service is developed according to contract specifications and resolves problems as necessary.


·      Directs the administration of recovery and resolution of major disruptions, malfunctions and recurring problems which may slow down or halt customer agencies' batch jobs and on-line processing.  This is generally seen in a large computing environment (e.g., State Data Center) in such areas as:  production control, tape processing, print processing and console operations; mainframe and open systems; server operations; network operations, desktop support, security management, database management, application support; and other related data processing peripherals.


Plans and directs the research, analysis, development and implementation of appropriate system development strategies and technologies to meet short-term and long-range customer service goals and delivery methods.


·      Directs staff work in the preparation of in-depth research to identify platforms, security software and application tool set options for all planned projects.


·      Determines strategies for system security, system architecture, and for disaster recovery and other methods to maintain continuity of business operations to executive management.  Works with agency Information Security Officer (ISO) to complete the strategies.


·      Determines with business unit partners the optimal technology, design, development, implementation and quality assurance methods and project management solutions for each project.


·      Directs the development and implementation of various IT systems ensuring compliance with security standards, methods and project schedules and other objectives and ensuring that appropriate resources are available to complete the project.


·      Directs the development, implementation and evaluation of test plans and the administration of testing for quality assurance of new systems' functionality (e.g., hardware and software).


·      Monitors the status of all ongoing projects and provides guidance and direction to resolve any technical issues, problems or conflicts that may arise.


·      Manages the development of proof-of-concept documentation for dissemination to the project group(s) to ensure the appropriateness and effectiveness of the selected technology.


·      Sets long-term IT goals and vision; builds strategies and goals with IT and business partners; and directs the future development of long-term IT strategies.


Manages and directs administrative and strategic functions of the IT organization.


·      Provides leadership, vision and direction for innovative problem solving (usually on a Statewide basis) and anticipates future needs in relation to IT industry trends.


·      Directs the application of enterprise-wide approach to IT projects and promotes reliable and innovative technological solutions to address Statewide changing operational needs.


·      Serves on committees to plan special projects, establish policy, prepare Requests for Proposals, evaluate proposals, and address special IT needs.  Participates in the NYS Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council if designated as an agency's CIO.


·      Meets with internal computer operations managers, IT technical services managers and State Office for Technology managers to plan, discuss and resolve service-related issues of common interest.


·      Negotiates contracts for IT services with all vendors and/or consultants and contractors.


·      Sets policy, standards, and procedures for all areas of IT operation.


·      Reviews performance of direct subordinate staff and ensures the timely completion of performance evaluations for staff in the IT division or section.


·      Reviews pending legislation and policy determinations for the impact on the agencys IT operations and recommends proper action to executive staff.


·      Develops the IT budget in coordination with business unit partners, and the agency budget/finance office.


Serves as a key member of the overall agency management team.


·     Directs IT operations to adhere to overall agency's mission, vision, goals and objectives.


·      Provides guidance and direction to executive staff concerning IT issues.








One year of permanent competitive service as a Manager Information Technology Services 1, Grade 27; Manager Information Technology Services 1 (Technical), Grade 27; Manager Information Technology Services 1 (Data Communications), Grade 27; Manager Information Technology Services 1 (Database), Grade 27; Manager Information Technology Services 1 (Systems Programming), Grade 27; Manager Information Technology Services 1 (Operations), Grade 27; Manager Information Technology Specialist 2, M-3; or Manager Information Technology Services 2 (Technical), M-3.





One year of permanent competitive service as an Assistant Director Information Technology Services 1, M-4, Assistant Director Information Technology Technical Services 1, M-4, or as a Director Information Technology Services 1, M-4.




One year of permanent competitive service in an IT position allocated at M-4 or higher.




Revised:  9/07





NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of the duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.