Occ. Code 1101110


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Specification


Positions in this title series perform a variety of scientific and technical activities, requiring professional training or experience, to propagate, maintain, and treat, with fertilizers and disease control methods, a variety of plants at major greenhouses or gardens. The use of this title series is generally limited to arboreta and regional operations of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.


Grounds Workers perform unskilled maintenance to grounds, playing fields, roadways, and other outdoor areas and generally work under the direct supervision of higher level grounds or maintenance staff .

Horticultural Inspectors inspect a variety of plants and plant products to control plant disease, inspect and sample seeds, fertilizers, and other materials to prevent the sale of inaccurately and improperly labeled products, and promote compliance with regulations of the Department of Agriculture and Markets.

NOTE: The title of Horticultural Assistant has been earmarked for reclassification to Park Worker 2.


HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 1: non-competitive jurisdictional classification; entry level; expected to perform technical work with considerable independence; generally in charge of a major garden area or program, under the supervision of higher level Horticultural Technician or other specialist.

HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 2: serves as the highest level Horticultural Technician at a major garden or for a regional program or serves as overall assistant to the Horticultural Technician 3 at Planting Fields Arboretum, a multi-greenhouse site and arboretum with a number of specialized plant collections and gardens.

HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 3: a one position class responsible for the facilities, collections, activities, and staff assigned to the greenhouse complex at Planting Fields Arboretum.


HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 1: under the general supervision of a Horticultural Technician 2 or 3, performs technical and manual tasks to care for and maintain rare and exotic plants and trees; is responsible for the care, maintenance, and propagation of all plants in an assigned collection; identifies abnormal plant conditions which may be caused by disease, insects, or growing conditions and applies measures to control or correct them; performs tree surgery, including cleaning and treating cavities or applying braces to branches; identifies and catalogs plants; selectively prunes plants to correct defects, thin growth, restore the natural form, and remove damage; supervises and trains volunteers and work crews assigned to assist in plant care activities; and uses a variety of hand and power tools and motorized equipment to perform plant care activities.

HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 2: under the general direction of regional staff, provides general horticultural services to a Parks region, complex garden area, or major garden site or collection; supervises, trains, and schedules skilled and semiskilled employees and volunteers; prepares sketches and schematics for Horticultural Technicians 1 and grounds staff to plant and construct gardens; experiments with a wide variety of plants to determine those most suitable for a site or region; determines regional planting needs, develops propagation schedules, orders materials, and supervises propagation of plants, trees, and shrubs for a region or major site; develops and implements integrated pest management systems; advises maintenance and grounds staff regarding plant and grounds care and maintenance; supervises and maintains greenhouses and related equipment; and directs the maintenance and care of a major garden or regional program.

HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 3: under the general direction of the Assistant Director of the Planting Fields Arboretum, manages the greenhouse complex at the Arboretum; determines appropriate plant care and maintains the collections; schedules plantings, displays, and work for the facilities; organizes, plans, and supervises contractors performing major greenhouse renovations and repairs; designs and oversees special displays and collections; manages disease and pest control programs; conducts training for staff and volunteers; oversees and conducts special programs for visitors, schools, and organizations; plans and oversees climate and watering control systems for the greenhouses; and orders supplies, equipment, and plant materials.


HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 1: Associate's Degree in horticulture, agronomy, forestry, or a closely related field; or two years of technical experience in horticulture, plant propagation, nursery, or greenhouse work, which includes plant pest and disease detection and control; or two years of college study in one of the above specialties and one year of experience as described.

HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 2: an Associate's Degree and one year of experience, as described above; or four years of such experience, including one year of supervisory experience; or a Bachelor's Degree in one of the above specializations.

HORTICULTURAL TECHNICIAN 3: one year of experience as a Horticultural Technician 2.

Date: 1/96