Tentative Classification Standards issued by the Division of Classification & Compensation are shared with the operating agencies of State government for their consideration and comment. Accordingly, this document that you are viewing is subject to change and will be issued in final form at the completion of the review period.


Occ. Code 1436124









 New York State Department of Civil Service

 Classification Standard


      Positions in this series develop tests of knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide appropriate selection measures for merit system administration.  Incumbents analyze jobs, develop test plans, compose test items, analyze test results, evaluate test validity and effectiveness, and recommend test scoring plans. 

These positions exist only in the Department of Civil Service, the States central human resources agency, in the Division of Testing Services.


             HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST 1 (TESTING); full performance level; analyzes jobs and their interface with the selection process; develops tests plans; and performs analyses, including scoring recommendations, evaluation of appeals, and test validity and effectiveness. 

            HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST 2 (TESTING): first supervisory level; oversees an examining unit in the development, processing, analysis and evaluation of merit system selection devices; and handles the more complex test assignments.

HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST 4 (TESTING): second supervisory level; plans, develops, directs, and evaluates the activities of several examining units headed by Human Resources Specialists 2 (Testing) and other professional and support staff.

MANAGER TESTING SERVICES: oversees a testing group composed of several sections supervised by Human Resources Specialists 4 (Testing); oversees Divisions activities in the Directors absence.



Human Resources Specialist is a generalist series and incumbents perform various human resources activities, such as classification, recruitment, placement and provision of employee services, in an agency.

Human Resources Specialist (Labor Relations) administers the employee and labor relations activities for a State agency. Human Resources Specialists in Attendance and Leave, Benefits, Classification and Compensation, Municipal Assistance, and Staffing parenthetics in the Department of Civil Service, the States lead human resources agency, provide services to State agencies and municipalities in administering merit system and employee benefits activities. 



Develops test plans for State and local jurisdiction examinations.


·       Evaluates job descriptions, job analyses, and past examination history pertinent to a given occupational area to become familiar with the titles and positions. 


·       Researches recent developments in occupational fields, methods of testing, and job analysis in other jurisdictions.  


·       Meets with agency representatives and Department staff to determine whether job information is current, accurate, and adequate to develop test plans.


·       Directs or assists in the gathering of job data through field visits, questionnaires, and literature review to determine the critical knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job; and the level of performance required of incumbents.  May develop the job analysis questionnaires, interview incumbents and their supervisors, and draft related correspondence.


·       Drafts reports of the results of meetings and related actions to document each step of the examination process.  Discusses findings, evaluations, and recommendations with supervisor.


·       Recommends type of selection device to be used (e.g., multiple choice, essay, evaluation of training and experience, oral examination) and areas to be covered.


·       Performs analysis to determine that the selection device assesses necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities. 


·       Prepares and recommends examination scope and date for supervisory review and approval.


Executes approved written test plans that meet established professional standards of test construction and deadline schedules.


·       Identifies which sub-tests should be sub-contracted to another section.  Works with other examiners to obtain sub-test(s) that adequately cover the subject matter area at the level of difficulty indicated by the job information.


·       Selects items for written tests.  Analyzes prior use of item and item content; and evaluates suitability for current use.


·       Works with outside subject matter experts to review, edit, and write questions in their specialty area.


·       Writes items in areas not adequately covered by items in files.


·       Reviews test items to see that they are appropriate for the positions, conform to recognized standards of professional testing, and use language at the appropriate level of difficulty.  Edits items as necessary.


·       Analyzes items and language used for possible adverse impact.  Evaluates ethnic information from past examination of test items.


·       Submits final selection of test items to supervisor for approval. Routes approved test items for appropriate processing by support staff.


·       Reviews examination instructions, headsheets, formats, and special instructions.


·       Reviews test material to ensure it is correct, accurate, and in proper order before printing.


·       Checks test definitions for accuracy and to ensure that the type of statistical information for test analysis is indicated.


·       Prepares written listing of tentative key answers for examinations involving pre-rating review.


·       Composes requests for prior approval of key answers by the Civil Service Commission, after analysis of past usage of items, for review by supervisor.


·       Prepares and routes scoring instructions to Rating Section.


Analyzes written test results to ensure appropriate rating of test items; and recommends a pass point in accordance with established procedures.

 Analyzes test results to determine if questions are correctly keyed, and for possible problems with certain items.


·       May compute or analyze fundamental statistics on item difficulty, discrimination indices, and sub-test functioning.


·       Analyzes format, construction, and language of problem items; and evaluates findings and submits recommendations for appropriate action.


·       Evaluates candidates appeals to test items to determine nature and substance of objections.  May contact subject matter experts for their opinion on an appeal; writes a report for each item appealed, recommending dismissal, rekeying, double keying, or deletion.


·       Submits recommendations for final answer key with proper supporting documents to supervisor for review.


·       Upon receipt of final output, prepares prescribed distribution memorandum form based on consultation with agency representatives and Department staff.  


·       Recommends pass point based on an analysis of the written test, number of vacancies, geographical distribution of vacancies and candidates, scores distribution, and Department staffs recommendation. 


·       Prepares final approved key listing to be used in computational review.


Develops criterion measurements of job performance to evaluate test effectiveness and validity.

Conducts validity studies using data from test performance and criterion measurement.

Drafts correspondence to candidates and others on matters relating to the examination process. 

Reviews and rates training and experience applications from local jurisdictions. 

May search and compile information for various reports and studies, or court cases. 

May coordinate arrangements for the administration of special examinations. 



Oversees an examining unit that plans, develops, processes, and evaluates tests.










Conducts or supervises special studies and projects relating to examinations.  









Plans the work of several units involved in developing tests.

·       Develops examination schedule, estimates future workload requirements, and identifies resources needed to meet objectives.


·       Explores problems to ascertain underlying cause(s), such as insufficient staffing, specific training need, and procedural bottlenecks.


·       Reviews new developments in testing or suggestions for improvements. Evaluates suitability and estimates training effort and other actions necessary to implement changes.


·       Estimates total workload and the resources expected to be available. Explores availability of needed additional resources and possible avenues of approach to alleviate expected shortages.


Supervises the work of several units to ensure appropriateness, responsiveness, and conformance to professional standards.

·       Evaluates recommendations of subordinate examiners work and directs alternative approaches or techniques.


·       Reviews answers to appeals, correspondence, and written recommendations for cogency of arguments, responsiveness, and proper support. Edits or directs editing as appropriate. May present arguments before the Civil Service Commission.


·       Reviews recommendations on the comparability of examinations and the appropriateness of eligible lists.


·       May direct and review the preparation of pertinent material in test litigations.


·       Provides training and makes presentations as needed.


Develops and directs a continuing program of product improvement for units testing activities.


Serves as a technical consultant in the various aspects of test development, test construction, test analysis and validation, and other testing activities.


·       Manages the activities of several testing sections involved in developing tests or coordinating test administration.



·       Resolves broad program issues; and develops policy for all aspects of the testing program.








·       Monitors sections expenditures and prepares budget request for Group.



Human Resources Specialists 1 (Testing) may supervise trainees and support staff.

Human Resources Specialists 2 (Testing) supervise Human Resources Specialists 1 (Testing) by making assignments and reviewing work in progress and on completion for conformance with established guidelines and schedules.  Within provided guidelines, incumbents operate with relative independence in the planning and scheduling of the examining unit activities that they head.

Human Resources Specialists 4 (Testing) supervise Human Resources Specialists 2 (Testing); plan and distribute workload among the units, set priorities and monitor accomplishments by analyzing production reports.

Managers Testing Services supervise a staff of subordinate specialists including Human Resources Specialists 4 and support staff. Managers operate under policy direction and broad guidelines within assigned area of responsibility with periodic review of completed work for conformance with established goals and priorities.



Open Competitive: Bachelors degree and satisfactory completion of a two-year traineeship.


Promotion: One year of permanent service as a Human Resources Specialist 1 (Testing); or Human Resources Specialist 1 (Testing Engineering). 


Promotion: One year of permanent service as a Human Resources Specialist 2 (Testing) or Human Resources Specialist 2 (Testing Engineering). 


Promotion: One year of permanent service as a Human Resources Specialist 4 (Testing). 

Date:  10/17


NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.


HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST 1 (TESTING ENGINEERING): performs the same duties at the same level as Human Resources Specialists 1 (Testing) but focus is on engineering and technical occupations.

HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST 2 (TESTING ENGINEERING): performs the same duties at the same level as Human Resources Specialists 2 (Testing) but focus is on engineering and technical occupations.



Open Competitive:

1.     Bachelors degree in architectural, civil, chemical, electrical, environmental, industrial, manufacturing, mechanical, structural, or transportation engineering; or engineering science; or engineering technology; or


2.     Current New York State registration as a Professional Engineer.



Promotion: One year of permanent service as a Human Resources Specialist 1 (Testing Engineering).