Occ. Code 1463160




New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard





Positions in this title prepare training sessions, lesson plans, and instructional materials; arrange training classrooms; and demonstrate first aid/CPR, safety and restraint techniques to direct care staff of the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). 


These positions are classified only at OCFS.  Incumbents of OCFS assist the agency in fulfilling its responsibility for its programs and services.  All incumbents perform various duties and functions in conjunction with the overall operation of a facility and/or location to which they are assigned.




ASSISTANT TRAINING TECHNICIAN (YOUTH SERVICES): full performance level; under the direction of higher level training staff, prepares and conducts training programs for direct care staff in areas such as:  principles of security, supervision and safety; first aid, CPR, crisis management, physical restraint, and conducting searches. 




Mental Hygiene Staff Development Specialists present concepts and techniques in the treatment of the mentally ill and developmentally disabled.  Incumbents assist higher level staff development specialists in the planning, organization, and development of facility training programs. 




Conducts training sessions or portions of a training session focused on refreshing the skills of direct-care staff.  



May observe facility staff in the performance of their duties for purposes of coaching in relation to physical skills interventions, agency policy, NY Model, and MYSI concepts.


May observe field trainers to provide feedback to improve their training skills.




Open Competitive:  two years experience providing direct care services for individuals between the ages of 10 and 21 who are generally considered to be juvenile delinquents, youthful offenders, or youth residing in a residential setting which may include, youth who are diagnosed with mental or developmental disabilities, mental illness, or addictions who could potentially become involved in the juvenile justice system; AND fifty hours of formal training,* within the last two years to direct care staff in areas such as: prevention/crisis management, standard first aid/CPR, or blood-born pathogens (including HIV/AIDS education).


*In order to be considered as formal training, the course(s) must include structured lesson plan(s) and documentation of trainees attendance and successful completion of course.





Date:  8/15






NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.