Occ. Code 1631210


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard


Environmental Program Specialists 1 function in one or in various Environmental Quality/Remediation program areas, performing journey level professional program development and support functions at the Department of Environmental Conservation. They work in areas where an engineering or specific scientific background is not needed, but where environmental program technical skills will assist the Division in meeting its goals. They are the link between engineering/scientific and administrative program areas, often managing small projects.


Environmental Program Specialists 1 perform a variety of tasks including carrying out small projects, serving as a member of a project team to complete segments of larger more complex projects, as assistants to higher level professional staff, or reviewing regulated activities affecting one of the Environmental Quality/Remediation areas. Assignments involve performing responsible, professional level program-related work. Listed below are the Divisions in the Environmental Quality/Remediation areas at the Department of Environmental Conservation:

In general, assignments may be characterized as requiring a working knowledge of Environmental Quality/Remediation problems, techniques, legislation, rules and regulations.

Environmental Program Specialists 1 are often information gatherers and fact finders who make independent determinations or assist higher level specialists, engineers or scientific staff in the performance of more complex projects. An essential element in the assignment of the Environmental Program Specialist 1 is to report on and to make determinations or recommendations based on their own investigations and analyses. Environmental Program Specialists 1 may supervise or provide technical direction to a subordinate staff of technical or clerical positions on a full-time or project basis. Reports and outputs produced are used as the foundation for performing additional work, are important parts of larger projects or facilitate the management/review of a regulated operation.


Environmental Program Specialists 2 are typically unit supervisors of several professional staff and administer an entire Environmental Quality/Remediation program area or a portion of a significantly large program.

Environmental Program Specialists 3 are section supervisors of an Environmental Quality/Remediation program and prepare section budgets, work plans and manage staff.

Environmental Analysts 1 assist in the review and preparation of environmental impact statements and related reports, including those involving energy conservation and development.

Environmental Engineers 1 perform environmental engineering work requiring certification resulting from successfully passing Part A of the professional engineers licensing examination.


Participate in the management of Environmental Quality Permit programs:

Review and assist with the development of Environmental Quality/Remediation program policies and procedures.

Assist in the development and management of expenditure plans and contracts for Environmental Quality/Remediation programs.

Assist with the development of Public Relations programs for Environmental Quality/Remediation programs.

Develop and review data concerning Environmental Quality/Remediation programs.


Environmental Program Specialists 1 apply knowledge of environmental problems, techniques, legislation and rules and regulations to specific projects under general written or oral instructions. They have relative independence in planning, scheduling and performing work; selecting methodology; analyzing and evaluating information and developing recommended solutions to problems. Environmental Program Specialists 1 are supervised by Environmental Program Specialists 2 or 3 or other professional staff. Incumbents keep the supervisor informed of any problems and of progress of the project(s). Completed work is reviewed by the supervisor for compliance with procedures and instructions, technical accuracy and soundness of the results.


Environmental Program Specialist 1 is the journey level of this title series and requires the performance of work of moderate difficulty. Within an environmental program area incumbents will assist in the implementation and development of Statewide standards and procedures or review and monitor various elements of an environmental program area within a region.


Environmental Program Specialists 1 communicate orally and in writing with a large variety of groups including: division and agency personnel, technical specialists in other areas and agencies, consultants and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and members of the general public or special interest groups to obtain or provide information, apply policies and procedures, implement rules and regulations and resolve problems. They serve as a conduit of information between the above groups and frequently distribute information through oral communication or in writing. This information must be factual and properly organized as studies, permits and contracts are approved or disapproved based on the information presented or reviewed.


Environmental Program Specialist 1 is generally a non-supervisory class. However, in some work groups they may be required to supervise technical or clerical staff.



Environmental Program Specialist Trainee:



A. two years' experience in a title allocated to Grade 7 or higher; or

B. one year's experience in a title allocated to Grade 11 or higher.

Open Competitive: A Bachelor's or higher level degree in environmental planning, science or studies or a similar environmental program; natural or physical sciences; planning; urban planning or studies; or economics.


NOTE: For current information on minimum qualifications contact the Division of Staffing Services.

Date: 4/95