Occ. Code 1904200

New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Standard


Positions in this class are located at facilities operated by the Offices of Mental Health and Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities and the Department of Health. Incumbents function as management assistants to executive directors or one of their designated deputies, and perform analyses of current support service systems and procedures and recommend improvements; ensure compliance with various agency audit recommendations; assist in budget preparation and monitoring activities, coordinate the development and maintenance of support service policy and procedure manuals; monitor deadlines for submission of data and reports; monitor maintenance and capital project deadlines; conduct analytic studies as directed, and attend meetings as a representative of their superior.

Incumbents also provide advice, consultation and policy interpretation to a wide variety of clinical managers and clinical staff. This includes development of administrative procedures relating to the provision of clinical care.


The Health Facility Management Assistant is expected to assume journey-level administrative analytical duties in the studying of existing rules, systems, methods and procedures and recommending changes with the goal of increasing compliance, efficiency, productivity and responsiveness to the clients served. In this capacity, the Health Facility Management Assistant reports directly to either the executive director or to a designated deputy. Incumbents may be appropriately assigned some oversight responsibility for certain business activities.

A maximum of two positions of Health Facility Management Assistant may be classified per each facility, service office or hospital of the Office of Mental Health, the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities or the Department of Health.


Senior Business Management Assistants serve as general assistants to a business officer or Director at a state facility, with supervision over the office personnel and with emphasis upon assignments dealing with management of physical plant, auxiliary enterprises, personnel, purchasing, budgeting, food service, stores and/or office services; or serves as business officer for a facility with a population of 200 or less, performing essentially the same functions as a Business Officer or Institution Steward, except that the facility staff and the volume of transactions are much smaller. Positions in this class are found mainly in colleges of the State University System and centers operated by the Division for Youth.

Senior Administrative Analysts, Grade 18 conduct studies, analyze and evaluate organizations or segments of organizations and their work and develop recommendations to assist management in identifying and solving administrative and management problems hindering the effective and efficient operation of programs. In addition employees in this class may review, coordinate, and update organizational policy, administrative and procedural manuals; assist in the development and implementation of operating systems; and exercise forms design and usage control. Positions in this class are found in many State agencies.

An Assistant Office Services Manager, Grade 18 works under the general direction of an Office Services Manager and supervises, coordinates, and participates in the provision of various office services, including, but not limited to, leased space, State-owned space, mail, supply, maintenance and warehouse functions, inventory control, fleet management, and surplus property accounting. Positions in this class exist in the main offices of several agencies.


Reviews and updates facilities administrative practices.

Acts as a Management Consultant to the unit chiefs and departments in interpreting agency guidelines and directives to ensure facility compliance.


Incumbents serve as a general assistant to the executive director or designated deputy and are assigned a wide-ranging variety of activities and tasks of an ongoing and project nature. They aid the deputy in carrying out such broad duties as planning, developing, reviewing and evaluating policies, procedures, systems and methods for goal accomplishment in the promotion of patient or client care and treatment, community mental health, and clinical research. They investigate, analyze, assess, explore and develop alternatives, reports, and make recommendations concerning need for and utilization of resources relative to the support of clinical programs.


Health Facility Management Assistants have oral and written communications with facility administrative and clinical managers, and frequent face-to-face or written communications with facility staff in obtaining information concerning matters such as work methods and procedures, program evaluations, management audits, information systems, work controls and forms requirements. Incumbents participate in conferences, conduct on-site observations of program operations and interview operating personnel. These positions may be responsible for the supervision of small departments, units or support functions such as stores, housekeeping, grounds and safety.


Those knowledges, skills and abilities learned at the graduate school level in the fields of hospital or hospital care administration as shown in the acquisition of a Master's Degree in either hospital or health care administration, or in related administrative fields of study leading to a Master's degree, followed by at least one year spent in a mental health, mental retardation or general hospital administrative position. (A Bachelor's Degree in these same fields of study with two years of the required work experience is also qualifying.)

Revised: 9/00