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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Positions in this title series are responsible for the operation and oversight of the Central Communications Unit, which operates on a 24 hours, 7 days per week basis.  The Central Communications Unit serves as an information clearinghouse for the agencys residential facilities, programs, and field offices.  Incumbents oversee the Central Warrant System, acting as contractual agents of the New York State Police; receive, assess, and process all Unusual Incident Reports; and maintain an after-hours telephone service to accommodate calls to various other offices including Community Care and the Detention/Voluntary Agencies Offices; including accepting all calls for the agency during non-business hours.    


These positions are classified at the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS).  Incumbents of OCFS assist the agency in fulfilling its responsibility for programs and services involving foster care, adoption and adoption assistance; child protective services, including operating the Statewide Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment; preventive services for children and families; services for pregnant adolescents; child care and referral programs; and protective programs for vulnerable adults in addition to the total care and confinement of delinquents and juvenile offenders placed in the custody of OCFS by family and criminal courts.  All incumbents perform various duties and functions in conjunction with the overall operation of a facility and/or location to which they are assigned.




YOUTH COMMUNICATIONS AIDE: full performance level; conduct routine operation of the Central Communication Unit; assess and route incident reports called in from agency facilities and field offices; initiate and cancel warrants and detainers; and maintain a report database. 


YOUTH COMMUNICATIONS SUPERVISOR: one position class; supervisory; responsible for supervising the operation of the Central Communications Unit and the activities of Youth Communications Aides.






Operate the Central Warrant System.


-          Receive and assess all incoming calls for response and interpretation based upon OCFS policy and procedure.


-          Attach and remove OCFS Detainer Warrants when appropriate.


-          Assist all OCFS facilities/field offices and private agencies in the area of warrants and placement of OCFS youth upon apprehension.


-          Track youth that have been arrested while on Absence With Out Leave status to ensure their return to OCFS custody.


-          Maintain and monitor the system that ensures proper execution of warrants for youth currently placed in an OCFS facility.


Operate the New York State Police Information Network (NYSPIN). 


-          Assess, confirm, and/or deny a Wanted Person designation within ten minutes of Police Agency request.


-          Provide initial direction to police agencies for youth apprehended out-of-state.


-          Evaluate and confirm information from a police source to prove probable cause for apprehension.


-          Inform and advise police agencies regarding legally appropriate procedures for detaining and placing juveniles.


-          Maintain the security and integrity of the NYSPIN System.


Accept, assess, and forward all Unusual Incident Reports for necessary administrative action. 


-          Accept and enter all reports promptly and accurately into database.


-          Elicit further information from caller in anticipation of subsequent needs of other portions of the agency or other organizations such as the Office of the Inspector General.


-          Note any deficiencies in report and action taken and direct caller to correct deficiencies.


-          Provide assistance and guidance in interpreting OCFS Unusual Incident Reporting policy.


-          Report all significant incidents immediately to supervisor.


-          Report all critical incidents to OCFS Administrators.


-          Maintain consistent security of agency and youth confidentiality.


Provide after-hours auxiliary telephone service to Community Care and Detention/Voluntary Agencies Office, or other Bureau of Population Management on as-needed basis.


-          Accept calls from County Administrators, law enforcement officials, or private staff regarding youth placed in OCFS custody.


-          Provide direction concerning detention and transport of apprehended youth.


-          Interpret OCFS policy and procedures relating to Community Care, Detention/Voluntary Agencies or Bureau of Population Management.


-          Provide initial counseling of parents and OCFS youth during evening, weekends, and holiday hours when OCFS case managers are not readily available.


-          Provide agency instruction to all OCFS facilities, programs, and field offices regarding all aspects of Absence With Out Leave Warrants.


Monitor and respond to all electronic monitoring alerts.


-          Contact the vendor of the electronic monitor.


-          Contact youth.


-          Contact on-call administrator to issue a warrant if necessary.


-          Complete any Unusual Incident Reports as a result of alarms. 


Maintain lines of communication with law enforcement agencies throughout the State to maintain maximum efficiency.


-          Maintain awareness of changes in law regarding youth.


-          Maintain awareness of any State Police revisions to the Information System and guidelines set for by the Division of Criminal Justice Services and National Crime Information Center.


-          Act as Liaison with the Department of Correctional Services.




May perform all of the same duties and functions as a Youth Communications Aide.


Participate in the development and implementation of policies and procedures affecting the Central Communications Unit.


Oversee all active and inactive warrants issued as requested by OCFS facilities, field offices, and private agencies.


Report all significant Unusual Incident Reports to administration.


Consult with the OCFS legal unit on changes in law regarding youth. 


Consult with New York State Police on revisions to the Information System and guidelines set forth by the Division of Criminal Justice Services and National Crime Information Center Standards.


Attend and participate in meeting with staff; chairs team meetings; plan and participate in management team meeting and training sessions.


Supervise Youth Communication Aides.


-          Provide supervision, guidance, and oversight to subordinate staff, and intervene and resolve problems as necessary.


-          Determine and oversee staff weekly assignments. 


-          Provide emergency coverage as necessary.


-          Approve leave and track time and attendance.


-          Review, monitor, and evaluate staff performance. 


-          Complete performance evaluations.


-          Identify training needs and arrange for provision of training.


-          Manage and direct program activities by setting priorities and deadlines.


Participate in meetings/workgroups that impact on CCU operations.


Coordinate the collection of data requested by OCFS Administration.


Provide monthly reports regarding OCFS operations to OCFS Administration from the UIR/Warrant database.


Ensure the integrity and solvency of the databases maintained by the Central Communication Unit.






Open Competitive:   a high school diploma, Certification in New York State Police Information Network, and one year of experience in a communications unit responsible for the relay of information on the transport of individuals in custody, reports of possible illegal activity, or issues of public safety.


Promotion:   one year of experience in a position allocated to Salary Grade 6 or above in the Office of Children and Family Services.




Open Competitive:  a high school diploma, Certification in New York State Police Information Network, and one year of experience in the supervision of a communications unit responsible for the relay of information on the transport of individuals in custody, reports of possible illegal activity, or issues of public safety.


Promotion:   one year of experience as a Youth Communications Aide. 


Date:  5/09


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.