Occ. Code 2553320





New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Transportation Office Assistant 2 positions perform a variety of administrative office tasks and prepare and process forms and clerical transactions in the county residency offices, waterways section offices, and regional equipment management shops of the Department of Transportation and NYS Canal Corporation.




Prepares the biweekly payroll for the residency, shop, or waterways section.


§         Supervises the audit of time cards, including review of overtime worked and eligibility for overtime meals.


§         Computes pay for overtime, inconvenience, lost time, and holidays.


§         Directs the preparation of payroll forms and verifies the accuracy of the payroll.


§         Prepares payroll worksheet for the regional office, indicating salary totals, salary additions and deletions, and adjustments.


§         Prepares reports of overtime worked and justifications for each instance of overtime.


§         Computes deductions and processes exchanged and lost checks, lump sum payments, and overtime meal checks.


Performs a variety of personnel operation functions.


§         Completes, processes, and reviews personnel forms for appointments, promotions, leaves of absence, sick leave, resignations, retirements, etc.


§         Conducts orientation for new employees by processing paperwork, explaining benefits and terms and conditions of employment, scheduling physicals, and setting up individual personnel records.


§         Arranges for health insurance benefits by explaining options, processing changes in options or coverage, and resolving problems.


§         Composes and posts vacancy notices.


§         Canvasses eligible lists and schedules interviews.


§         Notifies supervisors of due dates for probationary and performance evaluations and assures that evaluations are complete and submitted on time.


§         Maintains listings of employees, salaries, and positions.


§         Prepares accident and injury reports, keeps records of lost time, and prepares monthly reports of injuries.


Maintains and monitors expenditures for the residency, shop or waterways section.


§      Maintains account books by program areas.


§      Posts expenditures by category and reviews supporting documentation for accuracy and completeness.


§      Maintains running balances for each account and balances books periodically.


Prepares and processes purchase orders.


§         Determines appropriate sources for purchase of materials and services.


§         Prepares and processes purchase orders and enters order and dollar value in log.


§         Prepares and reviews vouchers against orders, adjusts differences, and maintains account balances.


§         Prepares purchase order changes to reflect changes in price, quantity, delivery time, etc.


§         Follows up with vendor when orders are not received on time or are incomplete to determine the cause of the problem and when materials will be received.


May use micro-computers in the performance of the above Typical Activities, Tasks and Assignments.


Processes and prepares travel vouchers for employees. Maintains petty cash fund and stamp ledger.


Prepares a variety of reports for maintenance and operations programs, including but not limited to storm reports, "green thumb" reports, and annual bituminous usage reports.


May review municipal snow and ice vouchers and related documents.


May be required to gather information and process special hauling permits.


Screens visitors and callers by answering questions and referring problems and complaints to the supervisor or resolves them in the absence of the supervisor.


In addition, a Transportation Office Assistant 2 supervises subordinate staff.


§         Assigns and reviews work.


§         Trains employees in office procedures and work.


§         Assures that all office work is performed correctly and that records and files are properly maintained.




Transportation Office Assistant 2 positions have frequent face-to-face communications with employees to provide information, answer questions, resolve problems, and process personnel and payroll transactions. They also have written and oral communication with regional and main office staff, complainants, and vendors to provide information and resolve problems.




Transportation Office Assistant 2 positions typically supervise a Keyboard Specialist 1 or other clerical employees by making assignments, providing instructions and guidelines, training employees, reviewing work in progress and upon completion, and providing advice and assistance. Written guidelines and procedures about office operations are available.


Transportation Office Assistant 2 positions are supervised by Transportation Maintenance Engineers, Motor Equipment Managers, or Civil Engineers 1 who assure that the work is completed on time, resolve difficult problems, and conduct spot checks of work.




§         Working knowledge of procedures, forms, and codes used to process payroll, personnel, and accounting transactions.


§         Working knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations regarding payroll, personnel, purchasing, and accounting transactions.


§         Basic knowledge of basic arithmetic functions.


§         Basic knowledge of account keeping.


§         Ability to prepare routine correspondence, reports, and records.


§         Ability to apply procedures and guidelines to office activities.


§         Ability to communicate orally and in writing with vendors, the public, and employees.


In addition, a Transportation Office Assistant 2 must also have a:


§         Working knowledge of the principles of supervision.


§         Basic knowledge of office management methods and practices.


§         Ability to supervise a group of employees.




One year of permanent service in a clerical or secretarial title allocated to Grade 5 or higher.



Reviewed:  5/03




NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.