Occ. Code 2800300


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Specification


Public Management Interns are professional positions, requiring specialized education, used to train incumbents for management careers in State government. They are classified in a number of State agencies for one-year periods.


PUBLIC MANAGEMENT INTERN: trainee level; appointment requires a Master's Degree in public administration, public affairs, public policy, or equivalent studies; classified for one-year periods based on the approval of a position specific internship submitted by the appointing agency; appointees serve for one year as a Public Management Intern; the traineeship continues for a second year, after the Intern advances to an entry level administrative position at the Grade18 level.


There are a number of two-year traineeships for professional administrative positions used to train incumbents for a wide variety of professional administrative careers in State government. Appointment requires administrative support, clerical, or paraprofessional experience as a State employee or a Bachelor's Degree. Upon completion of the traineeship incumbents advance to entry level administrative positions at the Grade 18 level.


PUBLIC MANAGEMENT INTERN: performs a variety of developmental and training activities based on assignment and career track in the areas of agency operations, information systems management, budget and finance, or human resources; when assigned to agency operations, works on issues that relate directly to the principal responsibilities of the agency; when assigned to information systems management, participates in the analysis, design, programming, testing, installation, and evaluation of automated information systems; when assigned to budget and finance, participates in the preparation, analysis, and justification of budget requests, budget estimates, program justifications, and workload forecasts; when assigned to human resources, works in one of the specialized areas of this field, such as labor relations, personnel, or employee development, or rotates through different human resources programs; participates in training programs at the Rockefeller Institute of Government to develop an understanding of State government, current issues affecting government, the functions and relationships among central and operating agencies, and the roles of State officials; rotates assignments within the placement agency and with other agencies to learn about other operations, offices, and career tracks; and works closely with an experienced manager who serves as mentor for the Intern.



Open Competitive: Master's Degree in public administration, public affairs, or public policy or a Master's Degree with an equivalent combination of graduate level education.


Date: 10/98