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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




Janitors are responsible for the cleaning, maintenance, and care of public buildings and adjacent grounds and sidewalks. Most of the positions in this class are located at State University campuses, and Teaching and Research Center hospitals.



Janitors perform similar duties as Cleaners, but have additional responsibilities such as supervise Cleaners; respond to building issues and perform basic unskilled maintenance; submit work orders for building repairs requiring semiskilled or skilled trades staff; order and restock cleaning supplies; and distribute and collect keys.  A Janitor supervises up to ten Cleaners.

The level and number of Supervising, Head, and Chief Janitors is determined by a variety of factors such as the number of State and contract custodial staff supervised, square footage cleaned, and specialized square footage cleaned.  The positions perform similar duties to administer and supervise a portion or the entire custodial program for a State entity.  Each State University campus or State agency determines its staffing structure to meet the specific custodial and cleaning program needs based upon the current use, age, and condition of buildings, grounds, and sidewalks.  Once the number of required Cleaner and Janitor positions is determined, classification of Supervising, Head and Chief Janitors is based upon the following staffing guidelines.


Supervising Janitors typically supervise 10 to 40 subordinate positions and may be responsible for all cleaning activities for an entire campus, or group of buildings and grounds, or all campus cleaning activities on an assigned shift, under the direction of a Head or Chief Janitor, or higher level administrative position.


Head Janitors typically supervise from 40 to 100 subordinates, including three or more Supervising Janitors, and, may be responsible for all cleaning activities for an entire campus, or group of buildings and grounds, under the direction of a Chief Janitor, or higher level administrative position.


Chief Janitors typically supervise more than 100 subordinate positions and are responsible for all campus cleaning activities, under the direction of a higher level administrative position.



            Building Service Aides perform routine unskilled and manual tasks related to the operation and maintenance of State-owned buildings and facilities, the surrounding grounds, and the vehicles and equipment used in maintaining the sites.

            Housekeepers perform custodial and housekeeping tasks, including requisitioning linens and household supplies and cleaning buildings or areas of large buildings in State facilities.  Housekeepers supervise lower-level cleaning staff in State operated residential facilities.




·         Performs a variety of cleaning, maintenance, and care activities in the assigned area including mopping, washing, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, moving and setting up furniture, emptying trash, recycling, and other related duties as described in greater detail in the classification standard for Cleaner.


·         Performs unskilled repairs and maintenance work such as hanging pictures, curtains, and blinds; fixing or replacing broken shelves and door knobs; performing routine maintenance on manual and motorized cleaning and maintenance equipment; unplugging toilets, traps, or sinks; and other unskilled maintenance and repair work, as assigned.


·         Sets up equipment and seating facilities for public meetings, classes, graduations, and special events.


·         Requisitions cleaning and bathroom supplies, and industrial cleaning agents to clean assigned areas, as directed.


·         Responds to requests for cleaning or maintenance, and refers matters requiring semiskilled or skilled trades work to higher level staff.


·         Reports damages or needed maintenance and repair in assigned area requiring semiskilled or skilled trades staff to higher level staff.


·         Supervises lower-level custodial personnel in the cleaning and care of an assigned area by assigning specific tasks, providing instructions, making sure the work is completed according to custodial program specifications, and monitoring employee time and attendance and signing time cards.



            Supervising, Head, and Chief Janitor


·         Supervises and administers a program of systematic cleaning and care of assigned building areas or the entire program in accordance with established guidelines.


·         Plans and schedules staff assignments and cleaning services; reassigns staff to ensure that work is accomplished according to schedule and that staff is fully utilized; and shifts personnel to handle emergency cleaning, maintenance, and care projects.


·         Informs staff of custodial and related policies and directives in meetings and memoranda.


·         Evaluates and makes recommendations for equipment, changes in cleaning methods, and work performance standards to ensure a more effective and efficient cleaning program.


·         Prepares a portion or the entire annual equipment, supplies, and personnel budget for the custodial operation.


·         Supervises the custodial program inventory system, including the requisitioning and proper distribution and control of new cleaning equipment and supplies.


·         Provides oral and written instructions to staff for requested special cleaning services which vary from routine operations, including the development of training programs to comply with sustainability directives.


·         Inspects buildings and assigned areas for compliance with cleaning guidelines; and investigates complaints of unsatisfactory cleaning performance and takes corrective action.


·         Supervises unskilled maintenance and repairs to buildings and equipment, and requests semiskilled or skilled trades staff as necessary.


·         Prepares or reviews for accuracy periodic reports, such as work activity, cost reports, and staff utilization and requirements and advises management on custodial operations.


·         Supervises the arrangement of premises for public meetings, classes, graduations, and special events by directing the movement and placement of seating and other equipment as specified by the event coordinator.


·         Performs the full range of supervisory duties such as interviewing and selecting staff; establishing training standards and training new employees; resolving personnel problems; evaluating work performance, and taking appropriate disciplinary action, as necessary; approving requests for leave and signing time cards; and recommending retention or termination of employees.




Non-competitive; must be physically able to perform the tasks of the position and to communicate effectively to obtain and convey information.


One year of service as a Janitor.

            HEAD JANITOR

One year of service as a Supervising Janitor.


            CHIEF JANITOR


One year of service as a Head Janitor or two years of service as a Supervising Janitor.



Date:  9/12


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent, and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe. Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class. The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written. Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum requirements for appointment or examination.