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Occ. Code 3114701







New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




          Food Production Managers provide administrative oversight and day-to-day supervision of food purchasing, procurement, handling and sanitation procedures, preparation, packaging, storage, and shipping and are located at the Office of Mental Healths (OMH) Cook/Chill Production Center (CCPC).


          FOOD PRODUCTION MANAGER 1: managerial-level; under the general direction of the Food Production Manager 2, this one position class oversees the purchasing, procurement, production, handling, storage, and shipping of food; approves recipe use and modification; oversees training and orientation; and supervises food production and CCPC business office staff.

          FOOD PRODUCTION MANAGER 2: managerial-level; under the general direction of the Director Mental Health Nutrition Services, this one position class is responsible for the overall operation of the Cook Chill Production Center (CCPC); develops policies and procedures; ensures compliance with applicable State and federal regulations; establishes production goals and oversees budget proposals; oversees marketing initiatives; and represents the facility in labor-management activities.


          Correctional Facility Food Administrators manage food service programs at correctional facilities that serve at least 900 meals per day, and at Shock Incarceration Facilities that do not have the availability of inmate labor.  Several positions are assigned to the Food Processing Plant at the Oneida Correctional Facilitys Cook-to-Chill inventory system.

Regional Coordinators, Correctional Food Services, coordinate, oversee, and monitor food service and nutritional activities at correctional facilities; determine the availability of food products to meet consumer demand; ensure adherence to sanitary standards; and collaborate with other agencies regarding the management and oversight of the Cook-to-Chill process.      

Correctional Food & Nutritional Services Assistant Directors assist in directing and coordinating activities related to Nutritional Services at correctional facilities; oversee the work of Nutrition Services Administrators; oversee the procurement and distribution of food; develop food production commodity contracts; develop guidelines of quality control in food production, including cook/chill; and serve as members of the Executive Team, coordinating all security policies and procedures relating to inmate food production.



Oversees the day-to-day operations of the OMH CCPC.

·       Operates data management systems including the food ordering website, food production requests and forecasts, and delivery systems.

·       Assists the Food Production Manager 2 in the development of CCPC policies and procedures.

·       Manages and oversees staff.

·       Ensures quality of food production through conduct of monitoring and evaluation audits, and solicitation and receipt of feedback from users.

·       Approves use of new recipes and revision of existing recipes.

·       Develops and enforces inventory control procedures; ensures food ordering guidelines are met, and modifies guidelines as needed.

·       Attends committee meetings as directed as CCPC representative.

·       Prepares operational and other reports as directed.

Develops and monitors sanitation and safety program.

·       Plans, directs, and coordinates the preventive and maintenance programs for all food service equipment, transportation vehicles, and plant equipment; ensures tandem trailer vehicle inspections and permits are current; that drivers logs are in compliance with Department of Transportation rules and regulations; and that forklift certifications for drivers are current and training adequate to ensure warehouse staff safety.

·       Monitors CCPC adherence to established delivery schedule and preventive maintenance program.

Supervises subordinate staff.

·       Participates in candidate interviewing and selection.

·       Administers training and orientation program.

·       Completes performance evaluations and probation reports for subordinate staff.

·       Monitors monthly work schedules of subordinate staff.

·       Conducts time and attendance audits.

·       Counsels employees; prepares requests for Notice of Disciplines.

·       Assists the Food Production Manager in identifying training needs and providing or arranging for training.



In addition, a Food Production Manager 2:

·       Under general direction, the Food Production Manager 2 is responsible for the overall operation of the Cook Chill Production Center (CCPC):

·       Directs the day-to-day operation of the agencys Cook Chill Production Center, including responsibility for all manual and automated business systems and material management.

·       Establish policy and procedures to ensure that all food prepared at the facility complies with USDA standards and all other regulatory agencies.  Ensures the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, (HACCP) plan is consistently up to date and variations are investigated and corrected.

·       Ensures all applicable regulations for the overall operation of the building and grounds are followed. These regulatory entities include but are not limited to the Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA, and the Department of Environmental Conservation.  Ensures all OMH guidelines and procedures for workforce safety and protection are followed.

·       Establishes short and long term goals for CCPC. Develops and directs cost-control system. Reviews, approves, and submits the proposed Cook Chill PC budget.

·       Ensures all OMH Internal Controls are followed. Maintains and audits high risk activities such as product selection, purchasing, and inventory controls.

·       Develops a marketing plan, consistent with OMHs mission, that maximizes the utilization of the CCPC.

·       Works with menu planning team to provide products that are required for menu goals.  Ensure products produced meet the dietary requirements of OMH and client agencies.

·       Reviews and approves the preventive maintenance programs and replacement needs for all food service equipment, transportation vehicles and plant equipment.

·       Ensures compliance with inter-agency Memorandum of Understanding; meets regularly with user sites and menu management team to discuss concerns, complaints, or existing problems.

·       Prepares or reviews CCPC statistical, financial, and narrative reports

·       Ensures maximum utilization of available staff through proper scheduling and absenteeism control mechanisms.

·       Provides overall supervision, guidance and oversight to subordinate staff; intervenes and resolves problems as necessary.

·       Participates in candidate interviewing, selection, appointment, and new employee orientation.

·       Identifies training needs; oversees advanced training and ongoing in-service training programs.

·       Attends professional meetings/seminars as appropriate and conducts staff meetings as necessary.

·       Participates in labor-management activities.



Open-Competitive:  bachelor's degree in food service management, nutrition, dietetics, institutional management, or food service operations, and four years of consultative, administrative, or management experience for high volume food production or multiple institutional food service operations, including management, fiscal analysis planning, acquisition, storage, preparation, serving, and transportation of food products for off-site consumption.  Two years must have included the development and management of computerized food operations and/or the development of food products; one year must have been at a supervisory level.



Open-Competitive: bachelor's degree in food service management, nutrition, dietetics, institutional management, or food service operations, and five years of the above experience.  Two years must have included the development and management of computerized food operations and/or the development of food products; two years must have been at the supervisory level.

Date:  3/17


NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent, and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe. Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class. The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written. Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.