Occ. Code 3124400




New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




            Food Service Workers 3 supervise the activities of Food Service Workers 2 and Food Service Workers 1 and provide the necessary coordination between dining rooms and food production kitchens. Food Service Workers 3 are responsible to a higher level food service administrator for the operation of a number of units within a facility's overall food service program. In this capacity, incumbents may prepare meals for patients/clients, order food and non-food supplies, inspect food preparation and service areas for proper sanitation and adherence to correct procedures, and supervise storage of food and non-food to assure proper handling, safety and security.


            Positions in this class are found in large institutions where both production kitchens and pantries with dining rooms are located. These positions are found in the facilities of the Office of Mental Health and Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.




            Food Service Worker 3 positions are characterized by supervision of subordinate staff (typically a minimum of 10). They may be the highest level non-professional positions involved in supervising food service personnel.


            Head Cooks oversee the operation of large institutional kitchens preparing 1,200 or more meals per day and perform food preparation and cooking activities.


            Dietitians are responsible for consulting with physicians in planning for special dietary needs of State facility residents and for planning and supervising the preparation and delivery of the special diets and menus to the living units and wards.




            The activities, tasks, and assignments described below are illustrative of the duties performed by positions at this level: they are not meant to restrict incumbents to performing only these duties.


§         Under the supervision of a Dietitian, directs the activities of Food Service Workers 2 assigned to kitchens and other food service areas.


§         Prepares daily and monthly work schedules to insure adequate coverage of all areas. Approves or disapproves time off requests.


§         Schedules shift and work assignments for Food Service Workers 2 and Food Service Workers 1 as they move from dining room to dining room or dining room to kitchen.


§         Coordinates the shift and work assignments for Food Service Workers 2 and Food Service Workers 1 as they move from kitchen to dining room.


§         Insures that time and accrual records for food service staff are maintained according to facility policy.


§         Inspects dining rooms, pantries and, kitchens on a regular basis to insure compliance with applicable food handling and sanitation regulations. Prepares written reports of inspection.


§         Insures that overtime rosters are used according to approved procedures. Maintains minimum coverage by scheduling overtime for Food Service Workers 2 and 1.


§         Participates in employee training and attends training classes as assigned.


§         Orients new employees in on-the-job procedures.


§         Controls inventory of non-food supplies. Submits required information to maintain established stock levels and issues supplies.


§         Insures that food service and preparation equipment is maintained in operating condition by monitoring work control orders to insure completion and/or to report excessive downtime of essential equipment.


§         Prepares evaluations of Food Service Workers 2.


§         Coordinates with Food Service Workers 2 the evaluations of Food Service Workers 1.


§         Advises subordinate employees as to acceptable work habits. Submits requests for counseling or disciplinary action following approved procedures.


§         Submits weekly reports of activities (i.e., reports meal counts and census to kitchen, identifies problems in performance of duties for resolution by Dietitian. Conducts food acceptance studies and monitors quality control and provides menu planning input from food acceptance reports).


§         May perform any or all of the duties outlined in the Classification Standard for Food Service Worker 2 (Occ. Code 3124300).




            Incumbents have frequent oral communication with kitchen and dining room staff, dietitians and others in the exchange of information relating to food preparation and service activities. They have limited contact with residents at mealtimes and frequently provide assistance to meet individual resident meal needs. These relationships with residents mainly involve oral communication for the purpose of obtaining information on food acceptance studies.




            Food Service Workers 3 are usually supervised by a Dietitian who assigns work, provides instructions and guidelines, and reviews work for compliance with established schedules and standards. The majority of the tasks are usually performed independent of direct observation by the supervisor.


            Food Service Workers 3 supervise a subordinate staff of Food Service Workers 2 and 1.  They provide assignments and instructions, observe and may, on occasion, assist in performing assigned tasks and spot-check work to ensure conformance with prescribed standards.




            One year of permanent service as a Food Service Worker 2.



Reviewed:  1/04




NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.