Occ. Code 3836220


New York State Department of Civil Service

Classification Specification


Historic Conservation Technicians 2 perform technical activities to assist professional staff in evaluating the condition of and preserving, repairing, reformatting, and maintaining historic artifacts and documents. They are assigned to the State Education Department to preserve archival documents, and the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, to conserve archaeological artifacts.


HISTORIC CONSERVATION TECHNICIAN 2: one position in the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, assigned to the archaeology laboratory, non-competitive jurisdictional classification; four positions in the Education Department assigned to archives, competitive jurisdictional class; work under direct supervision of higher level professional conservation staff.


Museum Exhibit Specialists research, plan, design, construct, and install exhibits at museums and historic sites.

Conservators supervise a laboratory for a particular field of artifact conservation, such as textiles or furniture, and evaluate, document, develop treatment plans for, conserve, maintain, and repair historic artifacts. They are professional positions requiring education and training in an assigned specialty.

Curators identify and document historic artifacts, determine methods of fabrication, prepare and publish articles about their research findings, and conduct surveys of historic sites to evaluate contents and furnishing and decorative plans. They are professional positions requiring education and training in an assigned specialty, such as military technology or decorative arts.

Archives Conservation Specialists examine documents, recommend and conduct treatment, supervise staff assigned to document preservation, and present training about document preservation and storage. They are professional positions requiring education and experience in paper conservation and preservation management.


HISTORIC CONSERVATION TECHNICIAN 2: evaluate, record, and document the condition of artifacts and documents before treatment; examine artifacts to determine general conditions and needs; monitor the environmental conditions of storage areas and adjust and calibrate equipment to maintain appropriate conditions for storage; pack, unpack, and transport artifacts using materials and techniques accepted as appropriate by museum staff; construct shipping and storage cases for objects and documents; disassemble artifacts prior to treatment and reassemble after treatment is completed; apply conservation techniques, such as fumigation, humidification, flattening, deacidification, surface cleaning, and removal of stains and dirt, to conserve artifacts and documents; clean and repair artifacts and documents; maintain logs describing condition and treatment for each artifact and document treated; fabricate specialized tools and equipment for treating artifacts; fabricate replacement parts for and apply to artifact; order supplies, materials, and equipment, check them upon delivery, and maintain storage areas; and assist in research by locating information about conservation techniques and materials, preparing, applying, and inspecting samples, and documenting results; and reformat documents for improved preservation and access through photo duplication, microfilming, and digital imaging.



Open competitive and non-competitive: four years of conservation experience in the discipline to which assigned.

Note: At the present time, positions are assigned to document (paper), furniture, and archaeology conservation. Positions may also be classified in other specialties as required.


Date: 2/99