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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




            Positions in these two classes plan, schedule, and monitor building construction, repair, and rehabilitation  projects from planning stages, through the completion of construction to assure that proposals meet client needs, are within accepted cost limitations, and project elements are completed according to schedule.  They serve as contact person for assigned projects; resolve problems with and between the client agency, architectural and engineering staff, consultant contractors, and representatives of State agencies involved in construction projects; obtain approvals for projects; answer questions from client agencies and interested parties about the program and specific projects; and schedules and coordinate the activities of engineers, architects, estimators, contract writers and analysts, contractors, and other occupations connected with projects.


            These positions are in the Design and Construction Group of the Office of General Services.




            Building Construction Program Managers 1 are characterized by managing small and relatively simple building rehabilitation and repair projects or assisting higher level positions on medium or large scale construction or rehabilitation projects.  Examples of projects usually assigned to this level include installing fire detection and alarm systems at a building or building complex, rehabilitating roofs and building exteriors, and rewiring buildings.


            Building Construction Program Managers 2 are characterized by managing medium sized and fairly complex building construction projects and major rehabilitation and renovation projects.  Examples of projects managed by these positions include construction of new buildings at hospitals or prisons, rehabilitation and renovation of buildings and building complexes, and assistance to higher level staff on construction of new prison complexes.


            Both of these classes work with considerable independence in managing their projects and case loads; however, their recommendations are reviewed by higher level staff prior to final approval and acceptance.  Most of the projects managed by these positions are designed and constructed by private consultants and building contractors.


            These positions are distinguished from Building Construction Program Managers 3 and 4 by the latter classes’ responsibility for managing the construction and rehabilitation program for a group of agencies or managing the program for an agency with a large and active construction, renovation, and rehabilitation program, such as that of the Department of Correctional Services.  In addition, positions at the 3 and 4 levels regularly supervise from three to ten subordinates.


            Engineers and architects in the Office of General Service also provide construction project services to client agencies; however, their work is usually focused on a particular engineering or architectural specialty and involves original planning and design of projects, technical review of consultant engineering work, or technical inspection of construction projects.  Typically, engineers and architects do not manage a project or group of projects through the entire State construction process or coordinate the administrative and management aspects of construction projects, as do the Building Construction Program Managers.




Develops a detailed schedule and plan for each project.


·        Meets with client agency to define project and program requirements and discusses construction alternatives that may be more cost or service effective.


·        Obtains and reviews funding approvals for projects.


·        Reviews and makes recommendations with regard to site selection, project scope, and cost estimates.


·        Determines the technical services needed from agency and consultant specialist for each project, such as electrical, design, preparation of architectural specifications, cost estimates, consultant services for design, and agency technical review, and prepares a statement of assignments for all participants through completion of the project.


·        Prepares a detailed work and time schedule for the entire project, considering project elements that must be completed by each participants so that projects can proceed through each stage in a timely and efficient manner.


Represents the Design and Construction Group and client agency with government regulatory agencies to discuss projects, answer questions, and obtain required approvals, such as building permits and environmental impact statements.








In addition to the above, positions at the 2 level may be assigned to manage the construction program for a small agency.  When working in this capacity, a Building Construction Program Manager 2 performs the following duties:










The nature of the work performed requires that Building Construction Program Managers 1 and 2 have frequent written and oral communications with staff of their own agencies, client agencies, and other State agencies, consultant architects and engineers, representatives of construction companies, and staff of building construction regulatory or control agencies to obtain and exchange information, investigate and resolve problems and disputes, obtain approvals, establish program priorities, negotiate and resolve solutions to construction and contract disputes, interpret contracts, and develop and monitor project schedules.  Incumbents must use tact and diplomacy in their communications to gain cooperation and input and resolve conflicting demands and interests of project participants.




            Incumbents are supervised by higher level Building Construction Program Managers, typically at the 3 and 4 level, who determine program priorities, train staff, provide technical and program direction, assist in resolving difficult problems, evaluate employees, and review and approve projects and schedules.  Within this framework, Building Construction Program Managers 1 and 2 work with considerable independence in developing schedules, resolving problems with project participants, defining and developing construction projects, monitoring projects for adherence to approved plans and schedules, and managing work load.


            Positions at the 1 level have no supervisory responsibilities.  At the 2 level, positions may train and supervise subordinate staff or new employees assigned to specific  projects or to an agency construction program.

















As assigned:








BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM MANAGER 1   Promotion:  one year of permanent competitive service in an engineering, architectural, drafting, or specifications writing position allocated to Grade 15 or higher or as Junior Landscape Architect, Assistant Superintendent of Construction, Junior Mechanical Estimator, or Junior Architectural Estimator.


            Open Competitive:  five years of satisfactory full-time experience in building construction; with at least one year in building construction project management, College study, at an accredited college or university, in engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, construction technology, or architectural technology may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for up to four years of the general experience.


BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM MANAGER 2  Promotion:  one year of permanent competitive service as a Building Construction Program Manager 1 or as an Assistant Building Construction Project Manager.



Reviewed:  5/03



NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.