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New York State Department of Civil Service

Division of Classification & Compensation


Tentative Classification Standard


                                                                                                Occ. Code 4770300


Senior Engineering Materials Analyst, Grade 18    4770300

Associate Engineering Materials Analyst, Grade 23    4770400

Principal Engineering Materials Analyst, Grade 27    4770500

Director Engineering Materials, M-5     4772900



Brief Description of Class Series


            Engineering Materials Analysts determine the suitability of engineering materials for use in construction.  At the higher levels of the title series, there is responsibility for developing and modifying the tests used on construction materials, and for suggesting the establishment and revision of specifications for materials.


            These positions are classified only at the Department of Transportation.



Distinguishing Characteristics


Senior Engineering Materials Analyst: full performance level; performs chemical and/or physical testing and analysis of construction materials to strict standards.


Associate Engineering Materials Analyst: first supervisory level; directs the activities of a section of the materials testing program.


Principal Engineering Materials Analyst: principal assistant to the Director Engineering Materials; supervises and coordinates of all phases of chemical and physical testing of construction materials.


Director Engineering Materials: one position class; oversees the Department of Transportation engineering materials program.



Related Classes


              Materials Testing Specialists direct and perform a variety of non-destructive tests on metal used for structural purposes, and on welding components of such structures.



Illustrative Tasks


Senior Engineering Materials Analyst


Conducts laboratory testing and analysis of engineering construction materials and submits results of those tests and analyses.


Conducts equipment maintenance, as directed.


Conducts research to develop new tests and to standardize test procedures to reduce testing time and increase test production.


Checks test reports against specifications.


Performs occasional field assignments to determine the suitability of construction materials or modification of test procedures or specifications.



Investigates materials which proved satisfactory in laboratory testing but provided unsatisfactory field performance.


May direct the work of or train other personnel.


Associate Engineering Materials Analyst


Coordinates with suppliers of construction materials and users of such materials to determine appropriateness of use and review composition of materials.


Suggests and develops new testing procedures and apparatus.


Suggests modification of existing specifications and prepares proposed new specifications.


May perform occasional field assignments to determine the suitability of construction materials and need for development of new tests.


Principal Engineering Materials Analyst


May accept or reject materials for public works construction.


Supervises the development of new and improved test procedures, the evaluation of new products, and the progression of laboratory research projects.


Prepares and reviews suggested new specifications for construction materials and revises existing specifications.


Provides coordination of liaison with suppliers of construction materials and users of such materials.


May visit construction projects and manufacturing plants to appraise the need for revised materials evaluation or control procedures.


Director Engineering Materials


Oversees physical and chemical testing of construction materials and the analysis of engineering materials problems concerning surveys, design, construction control, and maintenance.


Approves or rejects materials based on test results.


Visits construction projects, manufacturing plants, and sources of raw materials to determine the origin of unsatisfactory materials and to advise producers on methods to  meet specifications.


Directs research work on problems pertaining to materials.


Testifies at court of claims proceedings in relation to materials specifications and test procedures.


Represents the department on the materials committee of national scope.


Prepares reports on materials testing for professional societies and technical publications.


Directs the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of laboratory apparatus and equipment.



Minimum Qualifications


Senior Engineering Materials Analyst


Open Competitive: Completion of a two-year traineeship or a bachelor's degree in a related field including at least 12 semester credit hours in chemistry, materials science or strength of materials and two years of experience performing quality control and/or quality assurance testing of materials for highway, building, or structural construction and maintenance.


Associate Engineering Materials Analyst


Promotion: Two years of service as a Senior Engineering Materials Analyst.


Open Competitive: Seven years of experience in engineering or applied chemistry of which five years shall have involved responsible charge of engineering materials work including laboratory testing, design, field sampling and control, and construction inspection.


Principal Engineering Materials Analyst


Promotion: Two years of  service as Associate Engineering Materials Analyst.



Director Engineering Materials


Promotion: Two years of  service as a Principal Engineering Materials Analyst. 






Note: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent, and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe. Standards cannot and do not include all the work that might be appropriately performed by a class. The minimum qualifications above are those required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written. Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum requirements for appointment or examination.