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New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard




            Senior Drafting Technicians perform drafting work in a specialized area of architecture or engineering as indicated by the parenthetic designation involving the preparation of drawings, detailings, contract plans, and layouts from various sources including rough sketches, and oral or written instructions.


            Engineering and architectural drawings are used to supply information needed to fabricate, construct, maintain, repair, install and procure equipment, structures and facilities.


            Senior positions are located in only a few agencies with the greatest number in the Department of Transportation and the Office of General Services.




Senior Drafting Technician is characterized as a full performance level position.  Incumbents prepare a variety of drafting work in a specialized area utilizing a wide range of drafting techniques, procedures, instruments, materials, and technical reference manuals.


            Incumbents work with considerable technical independence, select applicable information from standard references, guides and precedents related to their specialty, and apply practical knowledge of the engineering or architectural specializations to which assigned in terms of such factors as terminology, standard practices followed, and the type, use, and characteristics of the equipment, materials and facilities or structures common to the specialty.


            Senior Drafting Technicians may function as a job captain on a project in assuring that schedules are met, by performing field work to develop information and to confirm facts, and guiding a staff by providing technical assistance and reviewing drafting work prepared for neatness, accuracy and technical competence.


            Principal Drafting Technicians are the top level drafting technicians in a specialized field who are typically assigned as job captains on a project.  Incumbents plan, develop and execute their work with considerable technical independence and with little or no supervisory assistance.  All Principal Drafting Technicians perform drafting tasks in a specialized area as indicated by the parenthetic designation of Architectural, General or Structural.  Incumbents typically work closely with project engineers, architects and other specialists involved in a project, as well as with staff technicians in reviewing work and providing instruction, guidance and assistance in the performance of drafting tasks.


            The parenthetic designations of Architectural, General, and Structural indicate the fields of specialization to which incumbents are assigned.  Although incumbents typically perform drafting work in a specialized area as indicated by the parenthetic designation, Senior Drafting Technicians may occasionally perform drafting activities in an area outside of the designated specialty.  The predominant occupational activity epitomizing each parenthetic designation is described as follows.  Technicians with the Architectural parenthetic prepare drawings, plans and designs for buildings, facilities and landscapes.  Incumbents with the General parenthetic prepare drawings, plans and designs for general civil engineering work. Positions classified with the Structural parenthetic are involved in the preparation of drawings, plans and designs for bridges and other structural engineering projects.




            A Senior Drafting Technician prepares and assists higher level technicians, architects, or engineers in the preparation of drawings and specifications in a designated architectural or engineering specialty as described above, utilizing appropriate drafting tools and following accepted drafting procedures and departmental policy.





May function as a job captain on a project basis.







May assist in preparing the architect engineer’s estimate by computing the quantities of materials necessary for the project.


As directed by the project chief, incumbents review plans prepared by contractors for compliance with contract specifications.




Senior Drafting Technicians have close working relationships with their supervisors and with other positions working on a drafting project.  Incumbents assigned as job captains work closely with the drafting staff, architects or engineers responsible for the project as well as with other technical and professional staff.




            Positions at the Senior level are typically supervised by architects or engineers who assign and schedule work, provide occasional guidance and assistance, and review finished work for overall competence and accuracy.  Incumbents work with considerable technical independence, select directly applicable information concerning the design features of a project from standard references, guides, manuals and precedents, and independently resolve problems that they have previously encountered.


            Senior Drafting Technician is a non-supervisory class.  However, incumbents may function as a job captain on a project by assuring that work assignments are carried out by providing technical guidance and assistance and reviewing completed work for accuracy and technical competence.




Senior Drafting Technicians use the drafting tools, instruments, materials and supplies including but not limited to the T square, triangles, curves, compass, dividers, rulers, lettering templates, and ruling pens and pencils, and the technical reference materials and guides appropriate for the assigned area of specialization.




·        Working knowledge of drafting procedures and methods.


·        Working knowledge of the care and use of drafting instruments and materials.


·        Working knowledge of the standard technical reference materials common to the assigned drafting specialty.


·        Working knowledge of the symbols, terms and accepted standards used in the assigned drafting specialty.


·        Working knowledge of departmental policy relating to drafting activities.


·        Basic knowledge of the equipment, facilities, and systems of the particular field of architecture or engineering in which they work.


·        Basic knowledge of the codes, rules and regulations pertinent to the field of specialization.


·        Ability to prepare drawings that are neat and accurate.


·        Ability to print neatly and legibly both by freehand and mechanical devices in accordance with accepted drafting standards.


·        Ability to make simple mathematical computations using standardized tables and formulas.


As assigned:


·        Working knowledge of the methods of supervision.


·        Ability to supervise the activities of drafting personnel.




            One year of permanent service in a drafting or engineering technical position allocated to Grade 8.




Reviewed:  3/03





NOTE:  Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.