Occ. Code 5207990





New York State Department of Civil Service


Classification Standard



Clinical Directors Psychiatric Center function as chief medical officers of Office of Mental Health (OMH) psychiatric centers.  Incumbents are responsible for the administration, oversight, evaluation, and continuous improvement of psychiatric, medical, and contracted medical services (e.g., radiology, pharmacy, dentistry, and laboratory services) provided by psychiatric center staff and consultants. 


These positions are non-competitive and classified in OMH. 




CLINICAL DIRECTOR PSYCHIATRIC CENTER: under the direction of the Executive Director Psychiatric Center and in collaboration with leadership in OMH Central Office, functions as the chief medical officer of an OMH psychiatric center; serves as a member of a facility’s executive cabinet; develops, updates, and implements facility-wide policies, procedures, and objectives for clinical services in accordance with standards, rules, and regulations; and ensures that the facility’s clinical mission successfully aligns with the overall mission of OMH.  




Provides administrative and clinical supervision to psychiatrists, medical specialists, and other physicians to ensure quality treatment and the maintenance of accepted standards of medical practice.    


Implements and monitors contractual and other arrangements for the provision of medical care, training, and related services by outside providers. 


Supervises the credentialing and privileging process to ensure that medical staff possess appropriate credentials and privileges, and maintain appropriate levels of continuing education. 


Participates in the development of recruitment programs and selection procedures; and maintains and expands academic affiliations with teaching hospitals to enhance recruitment of quality medical staff and the advancement of best practices.


Participates in the facility’s overall executive management and strategic plan development; and works with other members of the executive cabinet to ensure facility compliance with the standards, rules, and regulations of OMH and external accrediting bodies.




Non-Competitive: license and current registration to practice medicine in New York State or a New York State limited permit and licensure in another state or Canada; certification in Psychiatry issued by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology or equivalent certifying body; and seven years of experience providing services to people diagnosed with mental illness, two years of which must have included supervising physicians and other clinical staff responsible for the delivery of treatment services; providing direction to staff regarding program objectives and the implementation of policy; and providing guidance to various clinical specialists.


Date:  4/19            

NOTE: Classification Standards illustrate the nature, extent, and scope of duties and responsibilities of the classes they describe.  Standards cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by a class.  The minimum qualifications above are those which were required for appointment at the time the Classification Standard was written.  Please contact the Division of Staffing Services for current information on minimum qualification requirements for appointment or examination.